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    Land Use and Land Tenure in Mongolia: A Brief History and Current Issues
    Documents et rapports de conférence
    janvier, 2006

    This essay argues that an awareness of the historical relation- ships among land use, land tenure, and the political economy of Mongolia is essential to understanding current pastoral land use patterns and policies in Mongolia. Although pastoral land use patterns have altered over time in response to the changing political economy, mobility and flexibility remain hallmarks of sustainable grazing in this harsh and variable climate, as do the communal use and management of pasturelands.

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    Articles et Livres
    décembre, 2005
    Cameroun, Espagne, États-Unis d'Amérique, Arménie, Afrique du Sud, Singapour, Kirghizistan, Chili, Azerbaïdjan, Chine, Roumanie, Indonésie, Australie, Canada, Nouvelle-Zélande, Japon, Inde, Fédération de Russie, Pakistan, Mexique, République démocratique du Congo

    This publication offers a fresh look at the theory and practice of modern water rights, from a comparative law angle. It sheds light on a number of key features of such rights, and contrasts these to traditional forms and kinds of water rights. It teases out and discusses the relevant problematique, including in particular that elicited the sale and leasing of water rights. Finally, a stock-taking and assessment of modern water rights systems impacts are volunteered. This publication complements two earlier issues featured in the FAO Legislative Studies series, i.e.

  3. Library Resource
    septembre, 2005

    These Regulations are enacted in accordance with the Hot Spring Act.The Regulations provide for land-use zoning and land-use change procedures within hot spring areas. A change of land use within the boundaries of a hot spring area shall be subject to the procedures for change of zoning and land use as stipulated in the Regional Planning Law, the Urban Planning Law, the National Parks Law, and other applicable laws and regulations.

  4. Library Resource
    décembre, 2005
    République de Corée

    The purpose of this Act is to provide for matters necessary for planning projects for improving residential environments, expanding infrastructure and restoring urban functions in urban areas that lag behind, spanning a wide area, and promoting them systematically and efficiently in order to seek balanced urban development and contribute to improving the quality of life of citizens. In particular, article 17 deals with formation of Consultative Council on Projects and article 34 with Urban Renewal Committees. The text consists of 37 articles.

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    Rapports et recherches
    janvier, 2005
    Chine, Océanie

    Previously in China, all land was controlled by the communes. Over the past twenty years, with the break up of the communes, new land tenure arrangements have given greater control over land to individual households. This essay argues that recent transfers in land tenure between households have caused women to lose rights and decision making power over land, as well as possibilities to benefit from land. Men's migration to cities has caused a 'feminisation' of agriculture which fuels a market for tenure transfer.

  6. Library Resource
    janvier, 2006
    Népal, Bangladesh, Inde, Bhoutan, Chine, Myanmar, Asie méridionale, Asie orientale, Océanie

    Hundreds of millions of people in Asia are dependent on shifting cultivation, yet the practice has tended to be seen in a negative light and discouraged by policy makers. This document challenges prevailing assumptions, arguing that shifting cultivation – if properly practised – is actually a ‘good practice’ system for productively using hill and mountain land, while ensuring conservation of forest, soil, and water resources. Focusing on Eastern Himalayan farmers, it looks at whether there is a need for new, more effective and more socially acceptable policy options that help to improve shi

  7. Library Resource
    janvier, 2006
    Indonésie, Asie orientale, Océanie

    The promotion of forestry activities is seen as a means by which to reduce poverty while protecting the environment. But if clearing of forests for agricultural activities can prove more profitable, will such efforts be effective?

  8. Library Resource
    janvier, 2005
    Brésil, Philippines, Amérique latine et Caraïbes, Asie orientale, Océanie

    Today, many rural poor Filipinos are using state law to try to claim land rights. In spite of the availability of a much stronger set of legal resources than ever before, claiming legal land rights remains difficult. Some argue these difficulties are a reason to turn away from state-led land reform and toward a market-assisted land reform (MALR) model.

  9. Library Resource
    janvier, 2006
    Europe, Asie orientale, Océanie, Asie méridionale, Amérique latine et Caraïbes

    This document is a collection of essays which survey the controversial aspects of the management of water resources in urban areas in view of the increasing urbanisation and privatisation of water services. It addresses and characterises the conflicts that arise within large human settlements due to economic and social implications of access to and use of basic water services. It also presents in-depth case studies from Europe, Asia and Latin America.Exploring the geneses of the urban water conflicts the essays in the document list the following important causal factors:

  10. Library Resource
    janvier, 2005
    Viet Nam, Océanie, Asie orientale

    This document takes a historical view of the relations between individual and collective actors in local water management in the Mekong Delta in southern Vietnam.

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