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    Current situation, frame conditions, potentials of development

    Rapports et recherches
    août, 2015

    A study was conducted with the goal of describing the current frame conditions of pasture use in Georgia and identifying the bottlenecks and obstacles that restrict the productivity of Georgian pastures and limit the income generated by Georgian farmers from pasture related agricultural activities. Whenever possible, findings were elaborated into concrete proposals for action, addressing the legislator, donors, or project implementers.

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    Rapports et recherches
    décembre, 2015
    Éthiopie, Norvège

    Land is an essential factor of production for agriculture, horticulture, forestry as well as other land related activities. Institutions that govern its use determine the sustainability and efficient use of this essential resource. In Ethiopia all land is publicly owned. Such an institutional setting has resulted in major degradation of Ethiopia’s land resources and dissipation of the resource rent, as available forest and grazing lands are exploited in a suboptimal fashion.

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    Articles et Livres
    décembre, 2015

    In a world grappling with the challenges of food insecurity, climate change, landscape degradation, and rural poverty, regreening offers a path forward, especially in dryland areas. The transformation of degraded landscapes—restoring productivity and increasing resilience through the widespread adoption of agroforestry and sustainable land management practices—can deliver food, climate, and livelihood benefits.
    Table of contents:
    Part I. Introduction
    Part II. How and Where is Regreening Happening?
    Part III. The Impacts Of Regreening

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    Documents de politique et mémoires
    mars, 2015
    Afrique du Sud, Afrique australe, Afrique sub-saharienne

    Drawing on insights from multiple studies, this policy brief addresses the importance of gender considerations for small-scale livestock farming communities relative to food security in the South African context. The brief examines some key elements of gender issues in relation to small-scale livestock farming, asks how some of these elements align with current policies and practices, and suggests a number of focused policy recommendations. Two thirds of the world’s 600 million poor livestock keepers are rural women.

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    Documents et rapports de conférence
    novembre, 2015
    Inde, Asie méridionale

    Traditional livestock rearing systems in grasslands evolved in response to social, climatic, vegetative and technological conditions that existed scores, hundreds, or in some cases thousands of years ago. Many of these systems involve vertical transhumance where flocks and herds are moved up elevation gradients for summer pasturage or horizontal transhumance in which livestock migrate across greater distances in response to regional rainfall patterns and

  6. Library Resource
    Rapports et recherches
    juillet, 2015
    Asie méridionale, Pakistan

    In Pakistan, rangelands are the major source of feed for about 167.5 million heads of livestock. At present rangelands are being grazed by all kinds of livestock. About 40 percent of feed requirements for horses, donkeys and camels, 60 percent of the goats and sheep are met from rangelands whereas only 5-10 percent of the population of cattle and buffaloes graze in the rangelands despite they are heavily overgrazed, and has reduced the carrying capacity by 30 to 50 percent of their potential.

  7. Library Resource
    Rapports et recherches
    juin, 2015
    Afrique septentrionale, Tunisie

    List of Participant to the stakeholder meeting held in Tunis and aimed at establishing a processes for sustainable collective rangeland management and governance

  8. Library Resource
    Matériels institutionnels et promotionnels
    juin, 2015
    Afrique septentrionale, Tunisie

    Presentation made by Jutta werner during the stakeholder meeting held in Tunis and aimed at developing sound policies that will enable implementation of governance of rangelands (collective action for sustainable pastoralism)

  9. Library Resource
    Matériels institutionnels et promotionnels
    février, 2015
    Kenya, Afrique orientale

    The present document consists of a workshop presentation in which are illustrated three different studies from three different projects, focused on natural resource governance, but all relevant to land use planning.

  10. Library Resource
    Rapports et recherches
    juin, 2015
    Asie méridionale, Inde

    India holds a substantial rangeland area, most of which is in the state of Rajasthan. The livestock sector is vital for the rural poor in the region and it is the main source of income. Advanced degradation of rangelands due to lack of proper management tools and the communal land tenure regime are leading to an increasing threat of desertification. Lack of adequate nutrition (due to overgrazed community rangelands), inappropriate management practices and restricted access to health services are the major causes of low productivity of small ruminants.

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