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    Australie, Océanie

    The objects of this Act are: (a) to provide a form of tenure of Crown land that facilitates the sustainable use of land for pastoral purposes and the economic viability of the pastoral industry; (b) to provide for (i) the monitoring of pastoral land so as to detect and assess any change in its condition; (ii) the prevention or minimization of degradation of or other damage to the land and its indigenous plant and animal life; and (iii) the rehabilitation of the land in cases of degradation or other damage; (c) to recognize the right of Aborigines to follow traditional pursuits on pastoral l

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    Australie, Océanie

    Notwithstanding any other law in force in the Territory, the terms and conditions of the pastoral lease or the fact that rental in respect of a pastoral lease may have been paid in pursuance of such terms and conditions in respect of the financial year before the Administrator's assent to this Act was declared, the rent payable in respect of a pastoral lease for the financial year is the rent that is or was otherwise payable in respect of that lease multiplied by a rental increase factor of 2.8, and the additional rent resulting from the application of the rental increase factor shall be pa

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    Australie, Océanie

    These Regulations, consisting of 31 sections divided into eight Parts, make provision with respect to procedures of the Pastoral Land Board established under section 11 of the Act, legal issues of pastoral leases, monitoring of pastoral land, access to pastoral land, licences to go onto and take certain things from pastoral land, procedures of appeal with an Appeals Tribunal and miscellaneous matters.

    Implements: Pastoral Land Act. (2016-04-06)

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