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    Rapports et recherches
    décembre, 2011

    Research has become a driving force behind upcoming
    land restitution efforts in Colombia, where for decades
    peasants have lost land by violent means. The initiative
    is especially important for women, who have also built
    new networks in pursuit of a broad range of social goals.

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    Articles et Livres
    mai, 2011
    Amérique du Sud, Brésil
    In this beginning of century, Brazil has, on one hand, a high economic growth, strong institutions in various areas and improvement of social situation, but, on the other hand, the rural and urban land situation is still very precarious, with elementary issues that are not resolved and that most developed countries solved them still in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.
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    Rapports et recherches
    avril, 2011

    Why would politicians give up power over the allocation of critical resources to community leaders? This article examines why many African governments have ceded power over the allocation of land to non-elected traditional leaders. In contrast to the existing literature, which suggests traditional leaders’ power is a hang-over from the colonial period that has not been eliminated due to weak state capacity, I argue that African politicians often choose to devolve power to traditional leaders as a means of mobilizing electoral support from non-coethnics.

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    Rapports et recherches
    janvier, 2011
    Kenya, Afrique

    Includes government custodianship of public land, what land is targeted?, how do Kenya’s elites access land?, identifying the impacts and victims of the land-grabbing phenomenon, policy developments and current debates on Kenya’s land question.

  5. Library Resource
    Rapports et recherches
    septembre, 2011

    Includes land acquisition: trends and drivers; experiences on the ground – South Sudan, Uganda, Indonesia, Honduras, Guatemala; what is failing at the national level?; what is failing at the international level?; growing justice – recommendations. Asserts that 227 million hectares have been sold or leased in developing countries since 2001, mostly over the past two years.

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    Articles et Livres
    décembre, 2011

    Panduan audit investigatif ini disusun sebagai bagian dari upaya untuk mendorong keterpaduan pada tingkatan teknis operasional dalam aspek pemberantasan korupsi, pencucian uang dan kejahatan kehutanan. Panduan ini disusun agar audit investigatif dapat dilaksanakan dengan baik dan hasilnya sesuai dengan kualifikasi yang dibutuhkan penyelidik dan penyidik untuk melaksanakan penyelidikan dan penyidikan korupsi, pencucian uang dan kejahatan dalam bidang kehutanan.

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    Articles et Livres
    décembre, 2011

    Meningkatnya laju deforestasi secara signifikan selama kurun waktu 1970-an sampai tahun 2000-an berdampak pada semakin tingginya desakan terhadap penegakan hukum kejahatan kehutanan yang lebih efektif dan komprehensif. Umumnya penanganan tindak pidana di bidang kehutanan hanya diproses berdasarkan ketentuan dalam Undang-Undang Kehutanan. Beberapa laporan dan hasil studi menyebutkan bahwa penanganan tersebut kurang efektif dalam menghentikan tindak pidana kehutanan.

  8. Library Resource
    Articles et Livres
    décembre, 2011

    Significantly increased rates of deforestation in Indonesia from the 1970s to the 2000s have brought pressure on law enforcement agencies to better enforce the law and prosecute forest crimes. Generally, criminal wrongdoing in the forestry sector is only prosecuted under the provisions of the Forestry Law. Several reports and results of studies suggest that these sanctions are ineffective in stopping crimes in the forestry sector because they only catch the petty criminals in the field. The main actors who fund and plan large-scale illegal activities persistently evade sanctions.

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    Documents de politique et mémoires
    juin, 2011
    Afrique sub-saharienne, Asie, Afrique occidentale, Afrique, Global, Amérique centrale, Asie orientale, Océanie, Amérique latine et Caraïbes, Asia du sud-est

    Ownership and control over assets such as land and housing provide direct and indirect benefits to individuals and households, including a secure place to live, the means of a livelihood, protection during emergencies, and collateral for credit that can be used for investment or consumption. Unfortunately, few studies - either at the micro or macro levels- examine the gender dimensions of asset ownership. This paper sets out a framework for researchers who are interested in collecting data on individual level asset ownership and analyzing the gender asset gap.

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