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    Hongrie, Europe orientale, Europe

    This is a comprehensive statute of forest management aiming to extend forests by reforestation, to produce good quality and competitive forest products; to contribute to soil conservation, water management and other useful purposes; to integrate hunting and wildlife management with the national economy. The Law differentiates between forests (for timber extraction, research purposes, protection forests and recreational forests, protected forests and for wildlife management purposes) and other woodlands whose surface area is less than half a hectare.

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    276/2004. (X. 8.) Korm. rendelet a term�szet v�delm�t szolg�l� egyes t�mogat�sokra, valamint k�rtalan�t�sra vonatkoz� r�szletes szab�lyokr�l

    Hongrie, Europe orientale, Europe

    The scope of application of this Decree includes the granting of state subsidy for nature conservation purposes and the compensation for the restriction or prohibition of farming and in case the production structure must be significantly changed.

    Implements: Law No. LIII of 1996 on Nature Conservation. (2010-06-20)

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    2007. évi CXXIII. törvény a kisajátításról

    Hongrie, Europe orientale, Europe

    The purpose of this Act is to ensure the acquisition of immovable properties absolutely necessary for the realization of objectives of public interest determined by the law and, in the same time, to safeguard the balance between public interest and the interests of protection of property rights of owner. Expropriation can be made, exceptionally, by the State or local governments, or a third person if he performs activities determined by Art. 2, and only against immediate, complete and absolute compensation. Administrative and legal proceedings are foreseen in detail by Articles 24-40.

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