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    Annual country reviews 2021-22

    Publication évaluée par des pairs
    février, 2022
    Asie orientale, Asia du sud-est

    The Annual Country Reviews reflect upon current land relations in the Mekong Region, and has been
    produced for researchers, practitioners and policy advocates operating in the field. Specialists have been
    selected from Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam to briefly answer the following two
    1. What are the most pressing developments involving land governance in your country?
    2. What are the most important issues for the researcher on land?

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    “Why would anyone leave?”: Development, overindebtedness, and migration in Guatemala
    Publication évaluée par des pairs
    novembre, 2021

    Over the past two decades, policymakers have expressed considerable optimism about the capacity of international development to curb transnational migration, yet there is a dearth of research examining how and under what conditions development interventions impact migration decisions. Enlisting a case study approach in the Maya-K’iche’ community of Almolonga, this article examines divergent meanings and practices of “development” and its impact on the migratory aspirations and outcomes of Indigenous families in Guatemala.

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    Resource Contracts
    Ressources et Outils d'entraînement
    janvier, 2012

    ResourceContracts.org is a repository of publicly available oil, gas, and mining contracts in machine-readable, searchable, open data format. ResourceContracts.org promotes greater transparency of investments in the extractive industries, and facilitates a better understanding of the contracts that govern them. This site provides summaries of contracts and their terms to facilitate understanding of important provisions in the documents.

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    Rapports et recherches
    décembre, 2011

    The research aims to develop a legal and policy framework that will facilitate integration of environmental protection with socio-economic activities during land use decision-making, as a mechanism to achieve sustainability. A statutory duty of care, with respect to land use, would make it clear that land owners or occupiers have definite responsibilities to protect and enhance the sustainability of the land that they use or manage; it would aim to reverse existing land degradation, or include a duty to inform other land owners or the state about some kinds of foreseeable degradation.

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    Annual Report on Human Rights Defenders at Risk in 2017
    Rapports et recherches
    janvier, 2018

    As human rights defenders around the world put their lives on the line to challenge dictators, destructive multi-national corporations, religious conservatives, and oppressive regimes, there pervades a well-resourced and coordinated strategy of defamation, criminalisation and violence deployed to intimidate, marginalise and silence peaceful, powerful activists. The human cost has been high. More than 300 human rights defenders were murdered in 2017. Yet, in spite of this violence, there are more HRDs, working on more issues, in more countries, than ever before.

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    The purpose of this sub-decree is to privatize forest reserve of which size is 594 hectares, and grant social land concessions to military families living in Srekor Commune and Talat commune, Sesan district, Stung Treng province.

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    juillet, 2005

    The Royal Government of Cambodia signed a notification No 05 on Grant of economic land concession for investment project under implement framework of directive 02 on strengthening state property management on 13 June 2005. This notification consists of 2 main articles:
    Article 1: to implement the directive 02 to grand the economic land concession less than 10, 000 hectares in accordance to Land Law and,
    Article 2: to frame the criteria for the competent institution to grant the economic land concession.

  8. Library Resource
    octobre, 2016

    This Sub-decree is about the downsized land in total of 3393 hectares, including (1) 3310.17 hectares from land concession of TPP Company and (2) 82.83 hectares from economic land concession of Sophorn Theary Peanich Co. Ltd, and the reclassification of the 2756.89 hectares of state public land as state private land for the granting of ownership to the people who have been occupied and the 636.11 hectares of land shall be kept for public benefits and physical infrastructure in Chong Spean village, Khvav commune, Chi Kreng district, Siem Reap province.

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    novembre, 2011

    The state land in amount of 1154 hectares from forest cover 2002 in Taing Samrong commune, Phnom Srouch district, Kampong Speu was privatized for social land concession to allocate to former armed forces and their families.

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    septembre, 2011

    The 1288 hectare of state land which was cut out from Bokor Monivong National Park from forest cover 2002 in Techo Aphivat commune, Chhuk district, Kampot province was privatized for social land concession to allocate to former armed forces and their families.

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