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    Volume 10 Issue 3

    Publication évaluée par des pairs
    mars, 2021
    Chine, Fédération de Russie, États-Unis d'Amérique

    With the rapid economic growth and urbanisation process, a large amount of cultivated land has been permanently transformed into urban land. The protection of cultivated land has received widespread attention, and ecological compensation has been an effective means of restraining the decrease in cultivated land. Different from previous approaches to and methods of studying cultivated land’s ecological compensation, this study proposes a new behavioural perspective.

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    Rapports et recherches
    septembre, 2016
    Norvège, Fédération de Russie, États-Unis d'Amérique

    Russia has experienced dramatic changes in land ownership and tenure since 1991: agricultural land has been largely privatized, individual landowners now have legal rights to most agricultural land in the country, and prohibitions on buying and selling of land have been recently removed. The necessary pre-conditions for the development of agricultural land markets have been met and we are beginning to witness transactions that involve individual landowners, and not only the state.

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    Articles et Livres
    janvier, 2014
    Fédération de Russie

    Of all the rural social movements in the world, those in post-socialist Russia have been considered to be among the weakest. Nevertheless, triggered by the neo-liberal reforms in the countryside, state attention to agriculture and rising land conflicts, new social movement organisations with a strong political orientation are emerging in Russia today. This sudden burst of civil activity, however, raises questions as to how genuine and independent the emerging organisations are.

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    Rapports et recherches
    novembre, 2016
    Fédération de Russie, Ukraine

    textabstractRural politics in the time of global land grabs and neoliberal agricultural development have received much international attention. However, the processes at work in the post-socialist countryside (such as in Russia and Ukraine) are rarely addressed in the critical agrarian studies debates. The prefix ‘post-’ in post-socialist and post-Soviet studies is often associated with lagging behind. This doctoral study demonstrates that the analysis of rural politics in these settings can generate new insights about contemporary changes in the agrarian world.

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    Articles et Livres
    janvier, 2013
    Fédération de Russie

    textabstractThis paper seeks to unravel the political economy of large-scale land acquisitions in
    post-Soviet Russia. Russia falls neither in the normal category of ‘investor’ countries,
    nor in the category of ‘target’ countries. Russia has large ‘land reserves’, since in the
    1990s much fertile land was abandoned. We analyse how particular Russia is with
    regards to the common argument in favour of land acquisitions, namely that land is
    available, unused or even unpopulated. With rapid economic growth, capital of

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    Volume 10 Issue 2

    Publication évaluée par des pairs
    février, 2021
    Chine, Fédération de Russie, États-Unis d'Amérique

    The process of urbanization in China has been accompanied by the conflict of land expropriation, which is not conducive to social stability. Different from the previous angles and methods of studying the conflict of agricultural land expropriation, this study puts forward a new behavioral perspective on the basis of game theory, and constructs an evolutionary game model of the conflict of agricultural land expropriation in China from the perspective of multi-dimensional preference.

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    Volume 10 Issue 1

    Publication évaluée par des pairs
    janvier, 2021
    Chine, Fédération de Russie, États-Unis d'Amérique

    This paper traces the evolution of land tenure changes in contemporary China since 1949. The transfer of land from peasant households to family farms and commercial sized units is on a vast scale and forms one of the greatest land reforms we have ever seen.

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    Land Use Policy Volume 91

    Publication évaluée par des pairs
    février, 2020
    Chine, Norvège, Fédération de Russie, États-Unis d'Amérique

    Understanding stakeholder power relations—such as between land sellers, land buyers, and local governments—is crucial to understanding Land Value Capture (LVC). While scholars have focused on stakeholder relationships through approaches such as stakeholder salience, stakeholder interaction, stakeholder value network, and stakeholder multiplicity, much research either places insufficient focus on power or only stresses partial attributes of power. As a result, the role of power relations among key stakeholders in LVC remains insufficiently explored.

  9. Library Resource

    Volume 9 Issue 9

    Publication évaluée par des pairs
    septembre, 2020
    Chine, Fédération de Russie, États-Unis d'Amérique

    The rapid growth of China’s economy since the reform in 1978 should be largely attributed to urbanization. Nonetheless, in terms of farmland productivity, urbanization may lead to perverse incentives and thus threaten food security. On the one hand, the requisition–compensation balance of farmland (RCBF) policy could reduce farmland productivity because of a “superior occupation and inferior compensation”; on the other hand, urbanization promotes the transfer of the younger labor force and thus reduces the productivity of the agricultural labor force.

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