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    Documents de politique et mémoires
    décembre, 2014
    République centrafricaine, Guinée, Honduras, Rwanda, Tadjikistan

    From negotiations over responsible agricultural investment in Rome to new research on gender equality in Rwanda to important steps in legal reform in Tajikistan, land rights continued to be a priority issue for the global community in 2014. Here are some of our favorite pieces on land rights from USAID and our partners from the past year.

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    juillet, 2013

    Land tenure security has been highlighted as one important link to food security in President Obama’s Feed the Future Progress Report, formally released this week. The report points out that in Tajikistan last year, the Feed the Future initiative supported the improvement of land rights and land use by working with the Government of Tajikistan to amend its land code to include ownership of land, use rights, and increased women’s equality. In addition, the U.S.

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    janvier, 2013

    As the USAID Land Reform Project in Tajikistan comes to a close this month, there has been an increase in publicity for its achievements. An article highlighting a recent event to celebrate the project’s accomplishments and the work of the Tajik government in advancing land reform was featured in local media and a Feed the Future press release. Feed the Future is the U.S. Government’s global hunger and food security initiative.

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    octobre, 2010
    Tadjikistan, Ouzbékistan

    Ms. Fayzinisso Ashurova and her five children were unjustly evicted from their home after her husband passed away. The USAID Land Reform Project took Fayzinisso’s case to the Supreme Court, which decided in her favor.
    In Tajikistan, as in many developing countries, a range of cultural, social, and political factors combined with a lack of awareness regarding legal issues prevent women from enjoying their rights to land and property, often subjecting them to unjust and sometimes fraudulent practices.

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