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  1. Library Resource
    Législation et politiques
    août, 2017

    This is a resource from the Resource Equity LandWise database of resources.

  2. Library Resource
    Articles et Livres
    août, 2011

    UN Women Publication.

  3. Library Resource
    Articles et Livres
    août, 2009

    China started forestland tenure reform in the early 1980s. The reforms have been evolving and vary significantly from region to region. Unlike in agriculture, it is too simplistic to use a household responsibility system (HRS) to generalize about the reforms in forestry. Despite variations in time and place, a trend towards privatization started to become apparent when the central government began a pilot experiment called the “new stage of forestland tenure reform” in the early 2000s and went on to implement the reform nationwide.

  4. Library Resource
    Articles et Livres
    août, 2012

    This resource was released by the Rights and Resources Initiative (RRI) at the International Workshop on Gender and Forest Tenure in Asia and Collective Forest Tenure Reform in China shows that despite more understanding, more resources, and policy recommendations, women continue to be largely marginalized and ignored or exploited in community based resource management processes throughout Asia. This research provides the most comprehensive continent wide analysis on the status of forest tenure rights and gender rights. This is a collection of briefs and case studies.

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