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    juin, 2015

    Some of the factors that have been attributed to the global increase of Foreign Land Deals-FLDs include the three F's (food, fuel and finance) crises, and among others. However, most of the empirical evidences stem from the assessment of a broad set of countries. An analysis on the main determinants across host communities within a country presents specificity and closer reality. This study contributes by examining the community factors that could exert significant influence on determining whether or not a community receives FLDs in East African Community (EAC), focusing on Uganda.

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    Articles et Livres
    décembre, 2013

    The urban rural duality in the land administration policy in Kenya tends to create two land use development control models and, further, such policy results in two separate land transaction costs. In a situation where land values in the two locations may not vary significantly, such a variation in land transaction costs would lead to land speculation in the less costly zone. It is postulated in this paper that there would be no significant variations inland sale value/ land purchase price in the areas of Eastlands within the

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