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    janvier, 2011

    Juste après le tremblement de terre, en janvier 2010, la GTZ a lancé en Haïti un projet d'aide alimentaire d'urgence avec plusieurs partenaires. En l'espace d'un mois, environ 1 000 tonnes de vivres ont été distribuées. L'article rend compte de cette expérience et décrit les facteurs qui revêtent une importance décisive pour le succès d'une telle opération.

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    juillet, 2009
    Amérique du Sud

    The economy of the Amazon region relies heavily on water for transport and livelihoods. Important also for the regional water cycle, the Amazon ecosystems are threatened by climate change, although there is little knowledge about the likelihood of adverse events and potentially related vulnerabilities. Therefore research and building up capacities for collective action are cornerstones of adaptation to climate change. Since 2008, strategic policy approaches have emerged. The region has only started to prepare itself for the things to come.

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    États-Unis d'Amérique, Pakistan

    2005 was a year of natural disasters.The impacts of the tsunami in the Indian Ocean, Hurricanes Katrina and Stan, and the Pakistan earthquake prompted calls for better disaster prevention and preparedness systems. Nature's power renders us impotent, but human actions and omissions are clearly worsening the impacts of disasters in some cases.This is where risk reducing measures must lock in, as the last fifteen years of international disaster risk management show.

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    janvier, 2010

    Smallholder communities in the Bolivian highlands have managed to conquer hunger: cheese production o? ers great hope to the people of the Peñas Valley. Cheese provides healthy nourishment for their children, generates additional income for families, and stimulates the local economy. Education is a decisive factor.

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    mars, 2011

    Against the backdrop of increasing deforestation in Natural Protected Areas due to illegal logging and shifting agriculture, the Peruvian association DRIS has implemented a programme in three districts of the country. The goal is to involve the families in forest protection activities while simultaneously providing them with income opportunities

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    novembre, 2014
    Argentine, Brésil, Europe

    Nowadays it is hard to imagine European livestock production without soya-based feed. But this trend has had a massive impact on rural areas in the global South – the bulk of the soya fed to livestock in Europe is imported from Argentina and Brazil. That is not sustainable, says WWF’s Birgit Wilhelm, who advocates a change in mindset.

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    juin, 2013

    Not only is biodiversity a valuable asset, but it also represents a possible source of income for rural communities. The article shows how Peru is making use of this potential in the context of the BioTrade concept to sustain both, rural livelihood and conservation of native biodiversity. It further analyses the challenges farmers face and how targeted support for supply chains can help to overcome these challenges.

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    mars, 2015
    Amérique centrale

    More than 30 years ago, the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) started a post-harvest programme in Central America named “Postcosecha”. The significant impact that was still evident long after the project end also continues to exist after the cessation of external support. The current priority in SDC’s contribution to post-harvest management (PHM) is to use existing knowledge and experience to create conditions for scaling up the most appropriate PHM technologies in sub-Saharan Africa.

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