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    juin, 2010
    Afrique orientale

    L'arbre de karité pousse à l'état sauvage dans de vastes parties de l'Afrique de l'Ouest. Cet arbre aux exigences modestes se contente de peu d'eau et protège le sol contre l'érosion. Depuis toujours les femmes utilisent les amandes oléagineuses pour fabriquer de l'huile et du beurre utilisés pour la cuisson et à des fins cosmétiques. Elles vendent également les produits tirés de la noix de karité sur les marchés locaux.

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    août, 2013

    Not only has soil degradation in Niger been halted thanks to an integrated approach combining water harvesting technologies, the application of organic residues and planting of fruit trees and vegetables. The strategy has also enabled increases in farmers’ income as well as an active involvement of the country’s largely marginalised women in food production through their gaining access to land.

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    janvier, 2011

    The debate about the e? ects of migration is still centred on economic aspects. However, the return of migrants also changes the society and cultures of their country of origin. These changes are particularly pronounced where women have emigrated and return to their communities after several years’ absence.

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    juin, 2014

    Despite the crucial role of women in family farms and small-scale agriculture, gender inequality is still present in many ways – jeopardising the food and nutrition security of millions of people.

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    mars, 2014

    The Government extension services in Papua New Guinea (PNG) are weak. There is a general lack of money and staff, and the country has a poor infrastructure. Above all small-scale farmers in remote areas are left out of developments. This applies in particular to women farmers, despite their providing 85 per cent of the rural workforce.

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    mars, 2014

    Publicly elected women representatives in India ought to take advantage of their influence to defend women’s rights.

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    septembre, 2016
    République-Unie de Tanzanie

    The year 2016 marks 15 years since the new wave land reforms became operational in Tanzania. Despite its ambitious goals – encouraging land registration and titling, and empowering women and other vulnerable groups – the results are disillusioning. A brief overview of 15 years of implementation, using the Village Land Act as a case study.










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    août, 2015

    It would be difficult to imagine the diet of the local consumers around Lake Victoria without the silver cyprinid. The small fresh water sardine also plays an important role in women’s participation in Kenya’s fishery sector. However, in spite of intensive efforts, there is still a long way to go before they have achieved an equal role in the value chain.

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    août, 2015

    During the last few years, the donor community has increased its efforts to reduce the large amounts of fish lost in the distribution chain in artisanal fishery, an endeavour that ought to be welcomed in principle. However, focusing on one single solution, the development of an expensive cool chain and the supply of fresh or frozen fish, represents a massive interference with the traditional processing and distribution channels, with women being the main losers. Our author calls for more foresight in international co-operation.

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