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    août, 2014

    This policy note reviewed the status of
    farm machinery in the Kyrgyz Republic. Agricultural
    productivity, particularly in terms of grain yields, is low
    because of underinvestment. This note finds that a
    significant deficit in agricultural machinery is hindering
    sector productivity. The Kyrgyz Republic has fewer tractors
    per hectare than any comparable country, with a deficit
    estimated at 40 percent. The deficit of combine harvesters,

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    décembre, 2014

    Ukraine is renowned as the breadbasket
    of Europe thanks to its black soils ( Chernozem black
    because of the high organic matter content) which offer
    exceptional agronomic conditions. One-third of the worldwide
    stock of the fertile black soils, which cover more than half
    of Ukraine s arable land, a large variety of climatic zones,
    and favourable temperature and moisture regimes, offers
    attractive conditions for the production of a large range of

  3. Library Resource
    novembre, 2015

    This module provides guidance and a
    comprehensive menu of practical tools for integrating gender
    in the planning, design, implementation, and evaluation of
    projects and investments in climate-smart agriculture (CSA).
    The module emphasizes the importance and ultimate goal of
    integrating gender in CSA practices, which is to reduce
    gender inequalities and ensure that men and women can
    equally benefit from any intervention in the agricultural

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