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    The Integration of Host and Refugee Land-Use Patterns

    Articles et Livres
    janvier, 1993
    Afrique orientale

    The enormity of the African refugee problem underscores the importance of resettlement issues in land use planning. Efforts to resettle subsistence-oriented agricultural populations have often come into conflict with host, or in-place land uses as competition for scarce resources lead to land degradation, violence, and the failure of resettlement schemes. The success of refugee resettlement will depend to a large extent on the degree to which host and refugee land-use patterns can become integrated or reconciled.

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    décembre, 1993

    The consell approved the constitution before it was ratified by 74.19% of voters in a popular referendum.

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    décembre, 1993

    The constitution was drafted and adopted by a Constituent Assembly before being signed by Prince Sihanouk.

  4. Library Resource
    décembre, 1993

    The constitution was drafted by a National Constituent Assembly and commenced by an Order of the Military Council.

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    décembre, 1993

    The Democratic Constituent Congress approved the constitution, which was ratified by referendum.

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    décembre, 1993
    Fédération de Russie

    After a protracted drafting process, the constitution was approved by a Constitutional Conference before a revised form was ratified by 58.4% of voters in a plebiscite.

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    janvier, 1993

    An Act made for proper management and conservation of forests.

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    Législation et politiques
    janvier, 1994

    "Now, therefore, the Government of Eritrea has promulgated a Proclamation aimed at reforming the system of land tenure in Eritrea, determining land use, determining the manner of expropriating land to be utilized for development and national reconstruction, and determining the powers and responsibilities of the Land Commission."

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