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    Ressources et Outils d'entraînement
    janvier, 2013

    This publication forms a part of a two volume training package on Tools to Improve Transparency in Land Administration. The training package comprises a Training Toolkit and a Trainers' Guide. The first provides content and the latter training methods. The publication is a product of a series of training workshops implemented across Sub-Sahara Africa, South and South East Asia. Under the leadership of the GLTN/UN-Habitat, the training brought together six universities from the global South and one from Europe.

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    mars, 2012

    Despite strong beliefs that property
    titling and registration will enhance credit access,
    empirical evidence in support of such effects remains scant.
    The gradual roll-out of computerization of land registry
    systems across Andhra Pradesh's 387 sub-registry
    offices allows us to combine quarterly administrative data
    on credit disbursed by all commercial banks for an
    eleven-year period (1997-2007) aggregated to the

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    août, 2012

    The project initially focused on
    building upon the 1998 Registration Law to develop
    registration procedures, and on getting the Legislative
    Reform Office (LROs) up and running. Cost, affordability,
    and quality of services were important considerations. The
    Project benefited from the country's high education
    levels and relatively low labor costs. Since independence in
    1991, the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic has sought to

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    juin, 2012

    This paper is motivated by the emphasis
    on secure property rights as a determinant of economic
    development in recent literature. The authors use village
    and household level information from about 800 villages
    throughout China to explore whether legal reform increased
    protection of land rights against unauthorized reallocation
    or expropriation with below-average compensation by the
    state. The analysis provides nation-wide evidence on a

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    mars, 2012

    Theft of public assets from developing
    countries is an immense problem with a staggering
    development impact. These thefts diverts valuable public
    resources from addressing the abject poverty and fragile
    infrastructure often present in such countries. Although the
    exact magnitude of the proceeds of corruption circulating in
    the global economy is impossible to ascertain, estimates
    demonstrate the severity and scale of the problem at $20 to

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    mars, 2012

    Executive Directors continued to play an
    important role as the World Bank faced many challenges in a
    global post crisis economy. The Board considered a number of
    key documents in preparation for the committee on
    development effectiveness meetings. These included the World
    Development Report 2011, which focuses on conflict,
    security, and development, and responding to global food
    price volatility and its impact on food security, which

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    août, 2012

    Political risk has once again become a
    key concern of investors after the perceived openness and
    liberalization of foreign direct investment (FDI) regimes in
    the 1990s. Governments that do not recognize this trend pay
    a high price in lost investments. Confronting political and
    regulatory risks as part of the investment climate is thus
    crucial for countries to make their business environments
    more competitive. This note suggests reforms that can have

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    août, 2012

    The Egyptian revolution has brought to
    the forefront the need to focus on job opportunities;
    transparency and accountability; a fair and competitive
    environment; as well as equal access to finance, land, and
    housing-especially for underserved segments of society.
    Although the government of Egypt embarked on a macroeconomic
    and structural reform program in 2004, economic and social
    progress could not keep pace with the aspirations of many

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    décembre, 2012

    This study examines the major
    constraints of rural business entry and performance in
    Yemen. The Yemen rural investment climate survey made it
    possible to analyze rural investment climate constraints for
    rural businesses. The survey was used to investigate both
    farm and nonfarm rural enterprises. The rural investment
    climate was assessed using a combination of subjective
    impressions related by rural entrepreneurs, and a more

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    mars, 2012

    Preparation of the $1.45 billion Nam
    Theun 2 (NT2) project in the Lao People's Democratic
    Republic (Lao PDR) represented an important milestone for
    the government, the developers, international partners, and
    other stakeholders. The story of its preparation and
    implementation is an important one, because it provides
    valuable insights and lessons that can be applied in future
    projects of similar size, scope, and complexity. Projects

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