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    novembre, 2015

    Growing research and policy interest
    focuses on the misallocation of output and factors of
    production in developing economies. This paper considers the
    possible misallocation of financial loans. Using plant-level
    data on the organized and unorganized sectors, the paper
    describes the temporal, geographic, and industry
    distributions of financial loans. The focus of the analysis
    is the hypothesis that land misallocation might be an

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    octobre, 2015

    This 2015 index of sustainability
    indicators has been prepared in accordance with the
    internationally recognized standard for sustainability
    reporting Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines and
    complies with the ‘core option.’ The GRI Index provides an
    overview of sustainability considerations within the World
    Bank’s lending and analytical services as well as its
    day-to-day operations and management of staff. The World

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    septembre, 2015

    Three of sub-Saharan Africa’s central
    economic realities motivate this study. First, agriculture
    is the most important sector in most African economies, on
    average accounting for nearly one-fourth of GDP. Second, the
    private sector is increasingly active in transforming
    African agriculture and economies. By 2030, agriculture and
    agribusiness are anticipated to become a US$ 1 trillion
    industry in Africa, delivering more jobs, income, and

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    novembre, 2015

    Honduras is Central America’s
    second-largest country with a population of more than 8
    million and a land area of about 112,000 square kilometers.
    The 20th century witnessed a profound economic
    transformation and modernization in Honduras. Honduras’
    persistent poverty is the result of long-term low per capita
    growth and high inequality, perpetuated by the country’s
    high vulnerability to shocks. First, over the past 40 years

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    août, 2015

    This paper is one of a series aimed at
    deepening the World Bank’s capacity to follow through on
    commitments made in response to the World Development Report
    (WDR) 2011, which gave renewed prominence to the nexus
    between conflict, security, and development. Nigeria is a
    remarkable illustration of how deeply intractable the cycle
    of poverty, conflict, and fragility can become when tied to
    the ferocious battles associated with the political economy

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    novembre, 2015
    Asie, Asie central, Europe

    New qualitative fieldwork in eight
    countries of Europe and Central Asia (ECA) indicates that
    the dramatic declines in poverty in much of the region over
    the last decade do not appear to be registering very
    favorably with men and women on the ground. This paper
    provides a gender analysis of findings from equal numbers of
    sex-specific focus groups with employed and jobless
    individuals. The methodology featured a standardized package

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    décembre, 2015

    Correspondent banking services are
    essential to enabling companies and individuals to transact
    internationally and make cross-border payments. Recently
    there have been indications that certain large international
    banks have started terminating or severely limiting their
    correspondent banking relationships with smaller local and
    regional banks from jurisdictions around the world. To find
    out whether this is indeed happening, the World Bank, with

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    mars, 2015

    This is the first investment climate
    assessment (ICA) for Myanmar. The main objectives of this
    ICA are to: (i) provide an up-to-date and fact-based
    analysis of the business environment for the government and
    other stakeholders in Myanmar to help prioritize and
    contextualize the reform agenda, and (ii) to offer a
    baseline for future assessments of progress in terms of the
    investment climate reform agenda. As requested by the

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    septembre, 2015

    This paper brings together sociological
    theories of culture and gender to answer the question – how
    do large-scale development interventions induce cultural
    change? Through three years of ethnographic work in rural
    Bihar, the authors examine this question in the context of
    Jeevika, a World Bank-assisted poverty alleviation project
    targeted at women, and find support for an integrative view
    of culture. The paper argues that Jeevika created new

  10. Library Resource
    mai, 2015

    The Country Opinion Survey in Bolivia
    assists the World Bank Group (WBG) in gaining a better
    understanding of how stakeholders in Bolivia perceive the
    WBG. It provides the WBG with systematic feedback from
    national and local governments, multilateral/bilateral
    agencies, media, academia, the private sector, and civil
    society in Bolivia on 1) their views regarding the general
    environment in Bolivia; 2) their overall attitudes toward

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