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    Regolamento regionale n. 3: Disposizioni per il rilascio delle concessioni per l'utilizzo di beni appartenenti al demanio forestale.

    Italie, Europe, Europe méridionale

    This Regulation concerns the procedure for the issue of the concessions required to use lands falling within public forest areas.

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    Decreto Legislativo n. 152: Codice dell'Ambiente.

    Italie, Europe, Europe méridionale

    This Legislative Decree approves the Code on the Environment, which sets out the legislative framework applicable to all matters concerning environmental protection.The Code is composed of six Parts. Part I (arts. 1-3) defines the application scope and lays down general provisions applicable to all areas covered by the Code. Part II (arts. 4-52) defines and regulates the procedures related to the Strategic Environmental Assessment (VAS), Environmental Impact Assessment (VIA) and Integrated Environmental Authorization (IPPC). Part III (arts.

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    Legge di espropriazione.

    Suisse, Europe, Europe occidentale

    The present Law regulates temporary occupation or acquisition of real estate, property rights or personal rights relating to the implementation of works of public interests. The text consists of 78 articles divided into 9 Parts as follows: Basic provisions (I); Compensation (II); Publication of acts (III), Authorities and administrative proceedings (IV); Early release for possession (V); Enforcement (VI); Withdrawal of property rights (VII); Miscellaneous provisions (VIII); Transitional and final provisions (IX).

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    Publication évaluée par des pairs
    juin, 2013

    The land valuation regime has undergone one of its most important modifications at the hands of the 2008 Land Act and its 2011 Regulation. According to the so-called objectivity principle - which defines all established methods for the new basic situations of land - and according to the stated prohibition of taking into consideration building expectations arising from granted planning permission, the fact is that the existence of circumstances that are not a natural consequence of landowner investments made on the property is easily deducible.

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