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    janvier, 1996
    Indonésie, Asie orientale, Océanie

    Indonesia's cocoa output, produced mainly by smallholders on the island of Sulawesi, increased a phenomenal 26 percent a year (average, compounded) between 1980 and 1994. The government's hands-off policy was an important factor in this rapid expansion of output.This case study of Sulawesi's cocoa market is a counterpoint to investigations of highly regulated markets --- agricultural and otherwise.

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    janvier, 1995
    Mexique, Amérique latine et Caraïbes

    By and large, it appears that the goals of agricultural reform are being met in Mexico. But measures such as decoupling income supports and price supports or reorienting research and extension could help farmers who cannot afford access to machinery and purchased inputs and services.Lopez, Nash, and Stanton report the results of a study of Mexican farm households using 1991 survey data and a smaller resurvey of some of the same households in 1993.One study goal was to empirically examine the relationship between assets and the output supply function.

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    janvier, 1996
    Rwanda, Afrique sub-saharienne

    The objective of this technical paper is to shed insights on ways of reversing the spiraling decline of the land and the economy in rural Rwanda, with focus on the forces behind productivity decline in the Rwandan agricultural sector. The results are based on collaborative research between the Rwandan Ministry of Agriculture and Michigan State University.Among the key findings are that Rwandan farmers need to sustain and intensify their farming by pro-tecting the soil against erosion.

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    janvier, 1996
    Indonésie, Asie orientale, Océanie

    A recommendation: Indonesia should repeal its export tax on crude palm oil and discontinue buffer stock operations and directed sales from public estates. It is time for Indonesia to complete the evolution from public interventions in the palm oil market to private sector initiative in response to international price signals.Debate on Indonesia's palm oil policy was stimulated by a sharp increase in cooking oil prices in 1994-95 and a resulting increase in the export tax rate on crude palm oil. Palm oil has been one of the fastest growing subsectors in Indonesia.

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    janvier, 1995
    Sri Lanka, Asie méridionale

    Why, despite solid progress in human development and in the reduction of consumption poverty, has Sri Lanka's per capita income fallen far behind the dynamic East Asian economies?

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    janvier, 1995
    Pakistan, Asie méridionale

    For 25 years, agricultural growth has been a key source of the growth in Pakistan's GDP, but the momentum may be running out. Key problems include a crisis in irrigation and the government's overextended role in agriculture. An example of inappropriate government intervention is the provision of subsidies that do not help farmers, either because of rent seeking and inefficiency or because the subsidy (for wheat, for example) helps consumers at the expense of producers.

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