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    mai, 2023
    Éthiopie, Ouganda, Laos

    A large share of the world's rural population depends on using land to feed themselves. Commercial agriculture and forestry investments are placing growing pressure on land as a resource. Especially when state capacities to steer and monitor land-based investments are low, this can lead to increasing pressure on natural resources, land-use conflicts and in the worst cases to forced expropriation and displacement. These factors can have a negative impact on livelihood and food security in rural areas, particularly when land rights are insecure.

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    Documental Niweaba
    janvier, 2023

    Las comunidades shipibas cuyos territorios se ubican en la provincia de Coronel Portillo, región Ucayali, enfrentan múltiples amenazas a sus derechos territoriales y sus vidas: narcotráfico, tala ilegal. Pero no solo actividades ilegales, también concesiones forestales y agrícolas otorgadas por el Ministerio de Agricultura y Riego en sus territorios. Los menonitas han deforestado grandes extensiones.

  3. Library Resource
    septembre, 2022

    They has been a growing emphasis on the importance of lease held tenure and the benefits it offer’s to a country’s economic growth and development. The Food and Agriculture Organization define land tenure as  the relationship, whether legally or customarily defined, among people, as individuals or groups, with respect to land.  Researchers and social scientists continue to advocate for lease held tenure while customary tenure has been associated with insecurity due to the lack of formal administration.

  4. Library Resource
    mai, 2022

    This is the video of a specific side event at the UNCCD COP 15 that discusses the importance of land tenure rights to achieving land degradation neutrality. This session took place in Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire, on 12 May 2022.

  5. Library Resource
    Guardianas del territorio

    Historias de mujeres defensoras ambientales que luchan día a día ante el avance extractivista en Argentina

    avril, 2022
    Amérique latine et Caraïbes, Argentine

    La serie microdocumental Guardianas del Territorioes una producción audiovisual de cuatro capítulos que narra las historias de diferentes grupos de mujeres defensoras ambientales que luchan día a día ante el avance extractivista en Argentina, el cambio climático y las violencias de género en el cuerpo-territorio.


    ¿Quiénes son las Guardianas del Territorio?

  6. Library Resource
    mujeres rurales ecuador
    mai, 2022
    Amérique latine et Caraïbes, Équateur

    PRIMER INFORME Sombra de Mujeres de los Pueblos y Nacionalidades del Ecuador al Comité sobre la Eliminación de la Discriminación contra las mujeres- CEDAW Somos mujeres de la selva, de los páramos y de las orillas del mar de la tierra del sol recto. Hemos luchado por nuestro autoreconocimiento como pueblos y nacionalidades, así como por nuestra autodeterminación y autonomía territorial a través de la Confederación de Nacionalidades Indígenas del Ecuador. Nos articulamos en 18 pueblos y 14 nacionalidades. Somos 2.9 millones de mujeres viviendo en el campo ecuatoriano.

  7. Library Resource
    juillet, 2021

    This summary provides an overvew of LIFTs impact study on how tenure security translates into increased investments, productivity, and incomes. It presents evidence on the impact of secondary level land certification (SLLC) on rural farmers in Ethiopia.

    This resource was published in the frame of the Land Investment for Transformation (LIFT) Programme. For more information, please check:

  8. Library Resource
    mars, 2022

    This powerpoint presentation explains why and how to use the Solutions Journalism approach for reporting on key land-related challenges and solutions, including pollution, climate change, deforestation, water scarcity, waste disposal etc. The presentation was given at the Introductory Briefing: Reporting on Environmental and Land Issues: The Solutions Journalism Approach, on 9 March 2022.

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