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    Rapports et recherches
    mai, 2022

    The study  titled “Differentiated Impacts of Desertification, Land Degradation and Drought on Women and Men” released this week at  COP15  has revealed that women are twice more affected by drought, land degradation, and deforestation. Drought and land degradation tend to increase the burden of unpaid care and domestic work shouldered by women and girls, which has also been further compounded by the coronavirus disease. 

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    Aplicabilidad en Bolivia y Perú de las ´Directrices voluntarias sobre la governanza responsable de la tenencia de la tierra, la pesca y los bosques en el contexto de la seguridad alimentaria nacional´

    Documents de politique et mémoires
    novembre, 2014
    Bolivie, Pérou

    Las Directrices Voluntarias sobre la Gobernanza responsable de la tenencia de la tierra, la pesca y los bosques –pese a las críticas por su carácter transaccional y no vinculante– se constituyen en una importante herramienta que orienta y genera información sobre las prácticas internacionalmente aceptadas para los sistemas que regulan los derechos de uso, gestión y control de la tierra, la pesca y los bosques.

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    Documents de politique et mémoires
    août, 2009

    Este documento contiene información, análisis, doctrina, legislación comparada y propuestas normativas, relativas al diseño de implementación de autonomías indígenas según la tipología de casos. Los objetivos específicos de la investigación fueron tres: 1. Proporcionar herramientas de información y análisis que faciliten el trabajo legislativo de la Comisión de Descentralización y Participación Popular. 2. Recopilar doctrina y legislación comparada para sustentar las propuestas normativas referidas a la implementación de la autonomía indígena según tipología de casos. 3.

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    Articles et Livres
    juin, 2012
    Kenya, Philippines

    This paper analyzes the adoption behavior of smallholder farmers using comparable plot-level duration data for Kenya and The Philippines. We find that adoption behavior is strongly linked to the process of land ownership transfer. This relationship is found both for data from Kenya and The Philippines and is robust to the inclusion of observed and unobserved village, household, plot, and time factors.

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    Documents de politique et mémoires
    mai, 2022

    In a context of conflict affecting northern Cabo Delgado, the government approved the request for allocation of 12,000 hectares of land located in Palma in favour of the Cabo Delgado Economic Development Promotion Centre (CPD), an unknown public entity created in May 2021 and whose attributions and competences are confused with the mandate of the Integrated Development Agency of the North (ADIN). The approval of the provisional DUAT in favour of the CPD was not preceded by a public consultation with affected communities, as required by land legislation.

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    Articles et Livres
    janvier, 2021
    Chine, Inde, Pakistan

    A border dispute between Indian and Chinese troops, the most dangerous in 45 years, has roiled relations in the High Himalayan valleys and plateaus separating India (Ladakh) and China (Aksia Chin). Against this barren landscape, ancient pathways connecting Central, South, and East Asia converge, making the area today a key nodal point of commercial and strategic interest to three nuclear powers, India, China, and Pakistan.

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    Rapports et recherches
    octobre, 2021

    In order to further benefit from the great wealth of

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    Articles et Livres
    avril, 2021
    Cambodge, Thaïlande

    How can maps drawn over a century ago still lead to conflict between two countries? The Southeast Asian countries of Thailand and Cambodia are neighbors with a difficult history and a shared border. Their religious similarities have made sacred spaces along the border a divisive issue, with the sacred site of Preah Vihear a central point of controversy.

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    Rapports et recherches
    septembre, 2021

    The Sahel region's Great Green Wall Initiative received a major boost from the African Development Bank on Monday. During a forum
    hosted by French President Emmanuel Macron and His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, the Bank pledged to assist in mobilising up
    to $6.5 billion over five years, to advance the landmark initiative.
    The resources will be made available through a range of programmes in support of the Great Green Wall by drawing on internal as well

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    Articles et Livres
    septembre, 2018

    The conceptual framework for Land Degradation Neutrality (LDN) highlights that land degradation in developing countries impacts men and women differently, mainly due to unequal access to land, water, credit, extension services and technology. It further asserts that gender inequality plays a significant role in land-degradation-related poverty hence the need to address persistent gender inequalities that fuel women’s poverty in LDN interventions. This paper presents recommendations for moving towards a twin-agenda: gender equality and land degradation neutrality.

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