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    mai, 2013

    Farmers in Boyolali District in Central Java, Indonesia are producing and marketing organic rice through their organization APPOLI (Organic Farmers Alliance Boyolali). The organizatino is doing consumer awareness activities and implementing an Internal Control System (ICS) to guarantee quality, traceability, and organic certification of rice.


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    juin, 2013
    Viet Nam

    Farmers produce and market organic vegetables with support from VNFU

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    novembre, 2013
    Asia du sud-est, Asie

    Video teaser shown during the official launch of MTCP2 on November 23, 2013 in Bangkok, Thailand

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    novembre, 2013
    Asia du sud-est

    Sophal Uon, Chairperson of AFA, talks about what the MTCP2 means for farmers and farmer organizations in Southeast Asia (22 November 2013, Bangkok, Thailand)


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    juillet, 2014

    Though NLRF's members are focused on land rights issues, many of its members are innovating products like beans and seeds. Organic beans are used as vegetables and lentils. When dried and added some sugar, they become favorite snacks for people travelling in buses. There is also pink organic lentils grown in the field as rotating crop with rice. It is a remedy for some ailments. There is also hot plant, which gives something like electric current when you touch them. Poor people collect it from the forest and make soup out of it. It is known for its nutritional and medicinal value.

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    décembre, 2008

    Pamilyang magsasaka with english subtitles

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    décembre, 2015

    Interview with Ma Khin Win, Chairperson of Thone Se Basic Trade Union (a member of AFFM). With English subtitles.

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    Matériels institutionnels et promotionnels
    février, 2008
    Indonésie, Japon, Philippines, Viet Nam

    AFA Field Visits and Farmer Interactions 2006-2007

    Learning good practices in land reform, organic agriculture and pro-small farmer marketing and trading.

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