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    janvier, 2014

    Land has a cultural value in Nigeria in that its ownership cements
    the relationship of the owner with the community. But more
    importantly, land resource is critical to the livelihood of rural
    farmers because they depend on it for income and food supply.
    It is therefore important that it is sustainably managed and
    efficiently used. This study investigated the ownership pattern
    of land among the farming families in the study area and the
    attitude towards its management. It adopted the farming and

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    janvier, 2011

    This paper assesses factors related to local land border conflicts and how low cost land registration and certification has affected land conflicts during and after land registration and certification using data from northern Ethiopia. Border conflicts were more common near district centers, further away from markets, and where property rights had been redistributed more recently.

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    How secure are the rights to rural land in Cote d'Ivoire and what are the implications of tenure security for land use management? This is the central question posed by this study which draws on the results of a rapid survey of 250 household heads and findings in the rich anthropological literature. The study concludes that traditional village authorities continue to influence how land is allocated among households and that there are few instances of private land rights.

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    janvier, 1997

    Overview of a conceptual definition or sustainable land management policies

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    mai, 2006

    Remotely-sensed images and Geographical Information Systems (GIS) data were integrated into the SLEUTH cellular automata (CA) model to analyze land-use/land-cover dynamics in Chiang Mai city and its surrounds. The land-use and land-cover statistics, obtained from GIS data base and satellite images from 1952, 1977, 1989 and 2000 revealed rapid increased in urbanization during these periods. To understand the underlying causes of land-use and land-cover dynamics, remote sensing, GIS and modeling techniques were applied.

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    janvier, 2009

    This paper looks for the possible explanations for the land productivity differential between high caste and low caste farm households in Nepal. The paper indicates that caste position still plays a vital role in rural areas of Nepal.The paper finds that: land productivity is higher among low caste households. However, in case of owner-operated plots, the land productivity differential between low caste and high caste is found to be insignificant after controlling for land quality and household characteristics. This difference remains highly significant in case of rented in plots.

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    The authors report on the first empirical study of its kind to examine - from the perspective of transaction costs - factors that constrain access to land for the rural poor and other socially excluded groups in India. They find that: a) Land reform has reduced large landholdings since the 1950s. Medium size farms have gained most. Formidable obstacles still prevent the poor from gaining access to land.

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    janvier, 2002

    Looks at the allocation of land for specific purposes in the integrated land use plans that have come into effect across China since 1998..The paper: presents an analysis of the development of policies on national land use planning since the promulgation of the first Land Law in 1986.

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    janvier, 2011

    The objective of our study was to analyze the buying/selling prices of agricultural land in Slovakia in accordance with the deposited contracts in the Real Estate Cadastre during the years 2001-2008. Agricultural land sales, land areas and market prices are observed and evaluated under the size structure of the sold sites and their anticipated further utilization in the counties Dunajska Streda, Topolcany, Rimavska Sobota, Liptovsky Mikulas, Michalovce and Svidnik and for all observed counties as a whole.

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    Ratings convey a satisfactory project outcome, likely sustainability, and modest institutional development impacts. Lessons within an overall context indicate that although successful in reaching project development objectives, the project - and the Land Fund in general - was able to respond to only a fraction of beneficiaries demand. In fact, except for a FONTIERRAS program on land regularization, the Land Fund became de facto the main instrument of land access facilitation in Guatemala; however, this was not its initial aim.

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