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    janvier, 2005
    Éthiopie, Afrique sub-saharienne

    This paper reports on a workshop held in Ethiopia in 2004, targeting stakeholders involved in implementing Ethiopia’s National Action Plan (NAP) for the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD). The workshop was based on international, national and regional experiences, principles and practices related to dryland management and combating desertification to the development of community driven processes.

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    janvier, 2008

    This is a guide for companies working in the extractive industries, particularly in the oil and gas sectors and provides basic conflict management advice and guidance. Its objective is to save time, to protect resources and reputations, and to enhance the safety of employees and of the communities in which they do business.The guide presents tools for risk assessment and risk management in conflict settings, including:

  3. Library Resource
    janvier, 2005
    Turquie, Asie occidentale, Afrique septentrionale

    This report presents the findings of an international fact finding mission to assess human rights, social and environmental impacts of the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan (BYC) oil pipeline, which BP and other companies (as part of the BTC Consortium) are currently building in order to bring oil from Caspian Sea oilfields to Western markets.

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    janvier, 2006
    Afrique sub-saharienne

    This report examines the living conditions of children and youth under 18 years old involved in diamond-related activities. The report documents the production of process of diamonds in Kono District in Sierra Leone; specifies characteristics of the young miners and those involved in various support functions; and identifies the most vulnerable groups of children and adolescents involved in the process.The report finds that:55 percent of the children interviewed in this survey originate from Kono.

  5. Library Resource
    janvier, 2006
    Brésil, Amérique latine et Caraïbes

    The focus of the project is on increasing the resistance of the physical environment to landslide activity; and building capacity of the community to decrease their vulnerability to landslides when they do occur. Project activities will include: 1. Identifying critical points of erosion and deforestation in Macacos Hill; 2. Promoting Reforestation of Macacos Hill, with the help of residents; 3.

  6. Library Resource
    janvier, 2004

    This paper aims to showcase the experience of the Magat (Philippines) watershed in the implementation of the watershed management approach. Magat watershed was declared as a forest-reservation area through Proclamation No. 573 on June 26, 1969 because of its great importance to human survival and environmental balance in the region. The Magat case demonstrates the important role that ‘champions’ like the local government unit (LGU) could play in managing the country’s watersheds.

  7. Library Resource
    janvier, 2013

    Urban wastewater management has become a major challenge in India as infrastructural development and regulations have not kept pace with population growth and urbanisation. This study argues that against the backdrop of water scarcity and climate change, it is important to examine issues related to wastewater reuse more holistically and to investigate the challenges and opportunities for its safe and efficient reuse.

  8. Library Resource
    janvier, 2002
    Cambodge, Océanie, Asie orientale

    This report examines evidence of illegal logging that Global Witness has submitted to the Royal Government of Cambodia as part of the Forest Crimes Monitoring and Reporting Project and reviews the action and inaction of the government in each of the cases

  9. Library Resource
    janvier, 2002

    Can private sector participation (PSP) in the provision of water supply and sanitation services (WSS) meet essential social and environmental needs? New research by the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) suggests that inappropriate forms of private sector involvement that are inadequately regulated are unlikely to be of much value to poorer households or the environment.

  10. Library Resource
    janvier, 2012
    Indonésie, Brunéi Darussalam, Philippines, Viet Nam, Taiwan, Malaisie, Chine

    The South China Sea (SCS) dispute has become a flash point in Southeast Asia. The dispute is between the five countries of Southeast Asia, China and Taiwan. In the process of strengthening their claims, these countries are strengthening their civil and military capacities.

    The aim of this essay is to highlight the geo-strategic importance of the SCS and attempt to comprehend the basis of these claims. These multiple claims in the region have led to the emergence of a new security architecture in the region leading to a complex dispute.

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