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    Legge Regionale n. 16: Norme per l' esercizio delle funzioni trasferite alla Regione Valle d' Aosta in materia di usi civici, consorterie e promiscuità per condomini agrari e forestali.

    avril, 1985

    This Regional Act concerns the transfer to the Regional Council and the Regional Executive of Valle d’Aosta of functions related to public uses of agro-forestry lands.

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    An Act to establish a Soil and Water Conservation Program within the Department of Natural Resources.

    mai, 1985

    The Act makes provision for the establishment of Soil and Water Conservation Districts and relative water and soil conservation programs to be coordinated by the Department of Natural Resources. The Act also defines additional powers of the Department and provides for the management of Districts established under this Act.

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    An Ordinance to provide for the preservation and protection of beaches in the Virgin Islands and related matters.

    juillet, 1985

    The Ordinance provides for the protection of the coastline of the British Virgin Islands. No person shall remove any natural barrier against the sea or take away or dig any gravel, sand, stone, etc. except under authority of a permit granted by the Minister. At any rate no person shall remove any land if this results in inroads into land by the sea. The permit may be obtained by an application to be made according to section 5. The Minister may attach conditions to a permit. No digging shall take place at night. The Ordinance further prohibits the pollution of the foreshore (sect.

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    Resolução n. 1/85.

    avril, 1985

    This Resolution regulates the short-term food supply to population. It requires the introduction of a new law ruling on the import and export of specific food products and, to this end, it provides the guidelines to be followed. In particular, it refers to land concession for agricultural and livestock purposes, the related distribution procedures and special programmes to be implemented for the empowerment of farmers and for raising public awareness of food patterns. It also regulates fisheries and international food aid.

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    Lei Nº 921, de 11 de novembro de 1985.

    novembre, 1985

    This Law, composed of 12 articles, sets the criteria for defining areas of tourism interest in order to protect them and to plan programmes for tourism development. It confers to the Tourism Agency of Rio de Janeiro State (FLUMITUR) the power to promote agreements with the concerned Government institutions in order to identify the areas to be protected and to establish compatible tourist utilization. It stipulates that all State tourist areas will be created by Government Decree while the tourist amenities will be created, on FLUMITUR proposal, by Resolutions of the State Tourism Council.

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    avril, 1985

    This Decree is divided in the following Chapters: I, General provisions; II, Use and Administration of the Lands; III, Penalties; IV, Final Provision. It provides for the rational use and administration of agricultural land, the increase of agricultural production, the rehabilitation of abandoned or uncultivated land. Moreover it provides for families and individuals already working in the land or to whom abandoned or unused land shall be allocated.

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    septembre, 1985

    La presente Ley declara de interés nacional la protección y el apoyo a los aborígenes y a las comunidades indígenas existentes en el país, así como su defensa y desarrollo para su plena participación en el proceso socioeconómico y cultural de la Nación, respetando al mismo tiempo sus propios valores y modalidades. A tal fin deberán implementarse planes que permitan el acceso de las comunidades indígenas a la propiedad de la tierra y el fomento de su producción agropecuaria, forestal, minera, industrial o artesanal.

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