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    mars, 2012

    This paper proposes a parametric
    approach to estimating a dynamic binary response panel data
    model that allows for endogenous contemporaneous regressors.
    This approach is of particular value for settings in which
    one wants to estimate the effects of an endogenous treatment
    on a binary outcome. The model is next used to examine the
    impact of rural-urban migration on the likelihood that
    households in rural China fall below the poverty line. In

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    juin, 2012

    In Europe, it can be estimated that hydro-meteorological information and early warning systems save several hundreds of lives per year, avoid between 460 million and 2.7 billion Euros of disaster asset losses per year, and produce between 3.4 and 34 billion of additional benefits per year through the optimization of economic production in weather-sensitive sectors (agriculture, energy, etc.).

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    mars, 2012

    The Government of Cameroon has declared
    poverty reduction through strong and sustainable economic
    growth the central objective of its socioeconomic policy.
    This paper uses available household survey data to assess
    the performance of the economy with respect to this
    objective over the period 1996-2007. The authors use
    counterfactual decompositions based on both the Shapley
    method and the generalized Oaxaca-Blinder framework to

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    mai, 2012

    The World Bank committed $30.6 billion
    in transport-related projects during the past decade, making
    it one of the largest sectors. The evaluation looks into the
    Bank's experience in the sector, and assesses the
    institution's interventions, the impact of rapid
    transport sector expansion, and its readiness to meet the
    challenges ahead.

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    Rapports et recherches
    juillet, 2012

    75% or the “people to land relationships” worldwide are not documented. This concerns about 4.5 billion cases. With a growing population this situation results in land disputes, land grabbing and neglecting of rights of local people. Land Administration provides documentation on people to land relationships. Land Administration is an instrument for implementation of Land Policies - part of governmental policy on environmental sustainability, economic development, disaster management, social justice and equity and political stability.

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    mars, 2012

    The reality of climate change associated
    with anthropogenic emissions is now widely acknowledged by
    the scientific community. Its potential devastating future
    harms are equally well perceived and as stated in the
    Copenhagen Accord major nations agree on the need to jointly
    and urgently combat climate change. The international
    community is also quite aware that stabilizing atmospheric
    concentrations of green-house gases (GHG) at supportable

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    mars, 2012

    We present the results of a framed field experiment with Ethiopian farmers that use the mountain rain forest as a common pool resource. Harvesting honey causes damage to the forest, and open access leads to over-harvesting. We test different mechanisms for mitigating excessive harvesting: a collective tax with low and high tax rates, and a tax/subsidy system. We find that the high-tax scheme works best in inducing the desired level of harvesting, while the tax-subsidy scheme may trigger tacit collusion.

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    juin, 2012

    This document builds upon several recent
    studies and reports carried out in the 2006-2007 period. The
    first note, entitled analysis of housing supply mechanisms
    (World Bank), analyzes the situation of housing supply in
    urban areas in Egypt, including the study of existing formal
    and informal mechanisms for the delivery of urban housing,
    the institutions responsible for supply and regulation, the
    characteristics of the formal and informal stock, and the

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    Rapports et recherches
    avril, 2012
    Iran, Asie méridionale

    This study on gender and livelihood aims to find new ways of improving the incomes of rural households, based on the role of women in agricultural production and the division of labor in socioeconomic activities between men and women. It targets eight villages in two regions: Merek (Kermanshah Province) and Honam (Lorestan Province), and was carried out through conducting a social survey (quantitative research) and a participatory rural appraisal - PRA- (qualitative research). The results from qualitative and quantitative research were integrated.

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    décembre, 2012

    Recent global initiatives on debt relief
    and development assistance call for increasing aid for trade
    to the poorest countries. The paper applies a multi-country
    computable general equilibrium model to measure the
    effectiveness of alternative aid for trade categories. The
    findings show that aid for trade policies expand trade and
    alleviate international income inequalities in the recipient
    countries, that will benefit mainly from aid for trade

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