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    janvier, 2006

    Through an analysis of the right to adequate food and the right to land, this civil society report, argued that achieving food sovereignty requires agrarian reform.

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    janvier, 2002
    Moldova, Tadjikistan, Turkménistan, Ukraine, Ouzbékistan, Kirghizistan, Fédération de Russie, Kazakhstan, Bélarus, Arménie

    The five Central Asian countries that gained their independence at the breakup of the Soviet Union in 1991 have followed different paths of transition to a market economy in the agricultural sector. Kyrgyzstan has been the most aggressive in restructuring agricultural enterprises, privatizing land, and promoting individual farming. Kazakstan and Turkmenistan have had similar legal and policy reforms, but implementation has lagged. Tajikistan's efforts

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    janvier, 2013
    Timor-Leste, Indonésie, Cambodge, Philippines, Malaisie, Thaïlande, Myanmar, Océanie, Asie orientale

    The series of studies discussed in this overview pull together updated information about large-scale land acquisitions in the region, with the aim of identifying trends, common threats, divergences and possible solutions. As well as summarising trends in investment, trade, crop development and land tenure arrangements, the studies focus on the land tenure and human rights challenges.

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    janvier, 1983

    This study presents the findings of an agricultural assessment for St. Kitts and Nevis in 1983 funded by USAID.

    It suggests that more intensive use of labour and land could occur if individuals or groups of individuals have more widespread and secure access to government controlled land. The paper recommends that a project be developed that assists several hundred people to become farm operators, through land purchase arrangements or long term land leases, on land that is government controlled.

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    janvier, 2013
    Malaisie, Océanie, Asie orientale

    This paper provides a brief review on the global and Malaysian perspective of climate change, and its impacts on Malaysian agriculture and relevant adaptation practices. It also provides policy recommendations for better coping with the changing nature of climatic factors. Changing climate has had negative impacts on Malaysian agriculture, including: water stress; worsening soil condition, disease, pest outbreaks on crops and livestock; and sea-level rise.

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    Afrique sub-saharienne

    The Sri Lankan based International Water Management Institute (IWMI) has produced this report assessing the need and effectiveness of agricultural water storage (AWS) in Africa, in the context of climate change risks. Widely anticipated to make a key contribution to climate change adaptation through the mitigation of climate variability, AWS will have to significantly improve if it is to achieve intended benefits.

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    janvier, 2011

    This scoping report provides context and analysis for addressing agriculture in international climate negotiations with the aim of informing climate negotiators and other stakeholders of different options and unpacking issues of interest. It observes that agriculture is characterised by a number of special features that distinguish it from other sectors, like producing food and meeting basic survival needs. Its context and site-specific nature makes uniform strategies and solutions ineffective and, unlike other sectors, it is directly affected by climate change.

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    janvier, 2009

    Agriculture plays an important role in climate change, both as a contributor emitting greenhouse gasses (GHGs) and as a potential reducer of negative impacts. This paper gives an overview of how current and proposed agricultural practices affect climate change and how the proposed measures for mitigation and adaptation impact agriculture. The paper states that industrial agriculture, as currently practiced with monocultures and agrochemicals in a globalised production system, is a major contributor to climate change.

  9. Library Resource
    janvier, 2001

    Utilises a number of situations observed in tropical Asia to motivate a simple trade-theoretical analysis of the implications of technological progress in agriculture.

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    janvier, 2004
    Afrique du Sud, Afrique sub-saharienne

    Poverty and income inequality persist in South Africa despite efforts to eliminate them. Poverty is more pervasive in rural areas, particularly in the former homelands: the majority (65 percent) of the poor are found in rural areas and 78 percent of those likely to be chronically poor are also in rural areas.

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