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    janvier, 2006

    This paper profiles cases of corporate farming practices and examines the rationale for allowing corporate farming in India in the context of its agriculture and rural sector. It points out that the rationale is weak and not supported by evidence on corporate farming.Corporate farming is promoted on the grounds that large-scale corporate agriculture is more efficient than peasant farming prevalent in the country and that it leads to better allocative efficiency, induces higher private investment in agriculture, and results in higher output, income and exports.

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    janvier, 2013

    The aim of the research is to analyse the landscape structure changes from the end of the Soviet times in 1974–1986 until 2005 when market economy existed in Lithuania. The changes of landscape structure were observed in 100 sample areas (squares) each of them having 2.5 km2 area and distributed in different landscape types. The changes in sample areas (squares) with determination of land cover structure transformations were observed using topographic photos and ortophoto images at a scale 1:10 000.

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    Brésil, Colombie, Afrique du Sud

    The author describes a new type of negotiated land reform that relies on voluntary land transfers negotiated between buyers and sellers, with the government's role restricted to establishing the necessary framework for negotiation and making a land purchase grant available to eligible beneficiaries. This approach has emerged-following the end of the Cold War and broad macroeconomic adjustment--as many countries face a second generation of reforms to address deep-rooted structural problems and provide a basis for sustainable economic growth and poverty reduction.

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    Under legislation adopted in 1992, Ukrainian law recongnizes private ownership of agricultural land, as well as collective and state ownership. Also in 1992, a program to transfer land from state ownership to collective and individual ownership was initiated on a large scale, along with procedures to restructure collective and state farms. The transfer of land ownership and restructuring of traditional farms create opportunities for private farming to develop in the Ukraine after decades of collective management of agriculture.

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    The objective of the Restructuring of the Land Administration Project for Ghana is to undertake land policy and institutional reforms and key land administration pilots for laying the foundation for a sustainable decentralized land administration system that is fair, efficient, cost effective, and ensures land tenure security.

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    Viet Nam

    Customary land titling has made been possible for the first time in Vietnam under the country's newly revised Land Law. This policy brief highlights the key findings and recommendations arising from Government-donor discussions on the implementation of customary titling - an approach to land tenure and management which finds strong and growing support in many other countries. In Vietnam, as elsewhere, customary titling largely concerns areas of forest land held or claimed by ethnic minority groups, and therefore needs to be approached with sensitivity.

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    The Land Registration and Cadastre System for Sustainable Agriculture Project for Tajikistan will expand farm privatization through a repeater project to enable more rural people to become independent farmers and take management decisions in response to market forces, by providing them secure land use rights certificates distributed in a transparent and fair manner, and providing essential complementary support services.

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    Resettlement of projected affected persons (PAPs) will follow these principles: The relationship between the state, the collective, and the individual shall be appropriately considered; The resettlement area and the host area shall be chosen in keeping with the national interest. The aim is to gradually raise the living standard of the resettlers. The resettlement will consider local conditions, and the resources of the reservoir area will be reasonably used. Resettlers will be settled in their original location or be moved nearby.

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