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  1. Library Resource
    janvier, 2009
    Kenya, Nigéria, Zimbabwe, Pérou, Ghana, Congo, Argentine, Sénégal, Malawi

    This report, by researchers working in urban agriculture (UA), examines concrete strategies to integrate city farming into the urban landscape. Drawing on original field work in cities across the rapidly urbanising global South, the book examines the contribution of UA and city farming to livelihoods and food security. The case studies covered by the authors, focus on the following aspects of urban agriculture:

  2. Library Resource
    janvier, 2012
    Indonésie, Asie méridionale

    This profitability assessment is an early effort to generate baseline information for the Agroforestry and Forestry in Sulawesi: Linking Knowledge with Action project the ‘AgFor project’ , for implementation in two provinces, South Sulawesi and Southeast Sulawesi. The study collected information on existing farming systems and estimated profitability for each land use. The profitability indicators used in the study are: net present value NPV , equivalent annuity and return to labour.

  3. Library Resource
    janvier, 2004

    This fact sheet explores the issue of women’s property and inheritance rights and its relationship with HIV/AIDS.It argues that while property and inheritance rights are important for women generally, they take on dramatically increased importance in the context of HIV and AIDS.

  4. Library Resource
    janvier, 2007
    Iran, Liban, Asie occidentale, Afrique septentrionale

    The Hima is a traditional system of resource tenure that has been practiced for more than 1400 years in the Arabian Peninsular. With the numerous deteriorations that came and halted advancement in the Arab world, and at times for different reasons, the Hima also declined. The progressive concepts of the Hima became hav been masked by the general regression suffered in the region and the recent advances accomplished by other countries, civilizations and people.

  5. Library Resource
    janvier, 2015
    République-Unie de Tanzanie, Kenya, Ouganda

    This is a desk appraisal of the Alliances for Religions and Conservations (ARC) done for the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (Norad) by the Department of International Environment and Development Studies, Noragric, at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU).

  6. Library Resource
    janvier, 2004

    This book, prepared by the Philippine Environmental Governance Project, serves as a reference guide for field personnel in guiding communities, investors, local government units, private persons and other organisations desiring to apply for tenure instruments on forest lands.The book covers all existing tenure and allocation agreements for the management and use of forest resources in forest lands. Agreements generally refer to long-term tenure instruments in forest lands with right of occupation.

  7. Library Resource
    janvier, 2003

    This Policy Brief is the first in the series and introduces ASB and the issues it deals with.

  8. Library Resource
    janvier, 2000
    Indonésie, Thaïlande, Philippines, Asie orientale, Océanie

    Looks at location, natural resources, and different policies toward the elite's preemption of unused land shaped the historical development of different agrarian structures across Southeast Asia, conditioning agricultural growth performance until today.Aims to give a broad perspective on the process by which different agrarian structures developed in Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand, along different historical paths under different ecological conditions.

  9. Library Resource
    janvier, 2012
    Indonésie, Inde, Brésil

    This paper examines how developing countries have attempted to promote rural development through biofuel production, what social outcomes those strategies have created and what lessons can be learned. This is done by comparing the contexts of Brazil, India and Indonesia; three countries with important agricultural sectors that have put large-scale biofuel programmes in place. The analysis indicates a disparity between the social discourse and the adopted biofuel policy instruments.

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