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    Rapports et recherches
    novembre, 1997

    After the annexation of Upper Burma in 1886, the modern Burmese oil industry expanded at Yenangyaung, the long-standing center of hand-dug wells worked by twinza. An earlier attempt to establish a commercial industry in Arakan in the late 1870s was thereby eclipsed. On the islands off the Arakan coast -- Ramree, Cheduba, and the Boronga Islands -- British explorers had drawn attention to oil pools and seepage. In 1878, the first modern oil well in Burma was drilled on Eastern Boronga Island.

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    Rapports et recherches
    mars, 2015

    As Myanmar’s junta prepared to step down from government, the military set about seizing public assets and natural resources to ensure its economic control in a new era of democratic rule. Guns, Cronies and Crops details the collusion at the heart of operations carried out by Myanmar’s armed forces in northeastern Shan State. Large swathes of land were taken from farming communities in the mid-2000s and handed to companies and political associates to develop rubber plantations.

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    Rapports et recherches
    septembre, 2015

    Dirty coal mining by military cronies & Thai companies, Ban Chaung, Dawei District, Myanmar.....Executive Summary: "This report was researched and written collaboratively by Dawei Civil Society Organizations and documents the environmental and social impacts of the Ban Chaung coal mining project in Dawei District of Myanmar’s Tanintharyi Region. Based on desk research, interviews with villagers, and direct engagement with companies and government, it exposes how the project was pushed ahead despite clear opposition from the local community.

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    Rapports et recherches
    novembre, 2015

    Namati submits this briefing paper to assist the government of Myanmar and other interested parties in efforts to ensure the
    implementation of the 2013 recommendations of Parliament’s Farmland Investigation Commission. The commission is tasked
    with scrutinizing land grab cases and to promote justice for Myanmar’s citizens whose land was taken without due process or
    According to the Secretary General of the Farmland Investigation Commission, as of June 2015, approximately 30,000 cases have

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    Législation et politiques
    mars, 2012


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    Rapports et recherches
    décembre, 2012

    China’s plans to build a giant industrial
    zone at the terminal of its Shwe gas
    and oil pipelines on the Arakan coast
    will damage the livelihoods of tens of
    thousands of islanders and spell doom
    for Burma’s second largest mangrove
    The 120 sq km “Kyauk Phyu Special
    Economic Zone” (SEZ) will be managed
    by Chinese state-owned CITIC group
    on Ramree island, where China is
    constructing a deep sea port for
    ships bringing oil from the Middle
    East and Africa. An 800-km railway

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    Législation et politiques
    mars, 2012

    Official Burmese and English versions; unofficial English version (Habitat)

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    Rapports et recherches
    mai, 2012

    ရှမ်းပြည်နယ် အရှေ့ပိုင်း တာချီလိတ်မြို ၏့ မြောက်ဖက် တောင်တန်းဒေများတွင် ဒေသခံများကို ထိခိုကေ် စသည့်
    ရွှေဖြူတူးဖော်ခြင်းလုပ်ငန်းကို ၂၀၀၇ခုနှစ်မှ စတင်ခဲ့ကာ ယင်းကြောင့် လားဟူ၊ အာခါနှင့် ရှမ်းရွာ ၈ရွာမှာ လူပေါင်း ၂၀၀၀ကျော်ကို
    ထိခိုက်စေခဲ့သည်။ ရွှေဖြူတူးဖော်မှုကို မြန်မာကုမ္ပဏီများက ဆောင်ရွက်နေပြီး တရုတ်နှင့် ထိုင်းနိုင်ငံသို့ တင်ပို့လျှက်ရှိသည်။
    တာချလီ တိ ြ်မို ့ မြောကဖ် က ် ၁၃ကလီ မို တီ ာအကွာရ ှိအားရဲခေါ် အာခါရွာအနီးတငွ ်ကမု ဏ္ပ ၅ီ ခကု လပု င် န်း လပု က် ငို လ် ျှကရ် သှိ ည။်

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    Documents de politique et mémoires
    juillet, 2015

    "a. Lawyers need to form strong networks and associations to support farmers, ethnic groups and community organizations...
    b. Lawyers need to develop new skills to participate in policy advocacy, including collecting data about current practices, and engage in a national debate about land rights...
    c. Lawyers working on land rights cases need to use all available tools to strengthen their case work (see annex 2 for a list of practical actions lawyers can take).....

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