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    This project paper concern to introduces the following changes in the Ukraine, Rural Land Titling and Cadastre System Development Project, which into account difficulties experienced with completing the legal framework for parts of the project due to institutional rivalries that have not been resolved. The project included a part that was supposed to establish a unified registration system covering both urban and rural areas and it included funding for the transformation of the State Land Cadastre Center (SLCC) to implement this activity.

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    janvier, 2007

    The current support policy is increasing gaps in land management intensity among different regions of the country. The support policy for agricultural and rural development does not deal with solutions for land abandonment or environmental objectives, because the abandonment is becoming a hidden, environmental policy and rural development process, which is more expensive for society. Some alternative approaches and principles for designing a new agricultural land policy for Latvia could decrease the policy costs and make land management more targeted and acceptable for society.

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    janvier, 1997

    Covers methods for indicating between land's biological yield-capacity and its actual yield. Considers both biophysical and socio-economic factors

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    janvier, 2001

    This study analyses the determinants of land tenure insecurity and its impact on intensity of use of purchased farm inputs among households in southern Ethiopia. Seventeen percent of the households stated that they were tenure insecure. The feeling of tenure insecurity could be caused by the land redistribution policy in Ethiopia where household size has been the main criterion used for land allocation after the land reform in 1975. This would imply that land rich households should be more tenure insecure.

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    janvier, 2007
    Lettonie, Pologne

    In the research was submitted agricultural land market in Poland, in the political system transformation conditions, with consideration it function, stimulating the structural change of farming including territorial structure. There were characterized changes occurring in polish country with indication of the following processes: growing strength of agricultural land market, increasing role of agricultural lands' lease and also progressive process of land concentration and changing ownership relations.

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    This project aims at supporting innovative technical approaches for economically viable investment in soil conservation. It's objectives are to increase agricultural production and farm incomes by promoting the adoption of sustainable forms of land management and soil and water conservation by Santa Caterina's farmers.

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    Recognition of the importance of institutions that provide security of property rights and relatively equal access to economic resources to a broad cross-section of society has renewed interest in the potential of asset redistribution, including land reforms. Empirical analysis of the impact of such policies is, however, scant and often contradictory. This paper uses panel household data from India, together with state-level variation in the implementation of land reform, to address some of the deficiencies of earlier studies.

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    décembre, 2007

    This paper analyses the impact of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and macroeconomy on land use changes in the EU. Three scenarios are simulated up to 2030: baseline, macro scenario and policy scenario. Simulation results indicate that GDP leads to a stronger effect on land use changes than the CAP. Stronger changes in land use are observed at the crop disaggregated level than at the aggregated level for the total agricultural area, arable land, grassland and permanent crops.

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    janvier, 2003

    This paper analyses the relation between demographic transformation, agricultural transformation and land-use pressure within a simple agrarian economy, where population is treated both as a cause and consequence of economic changes.Conclusions of the paper include:population growth and food production are interrelated through two production activitiesagricultural land and labour are tied up in production of agricultural products determining the current flow of consumptionlabour is used for converting the natural resource base in the form of wilderness land into agricultural landincreasing

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