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    Documents de politique et mémoires
    décembre, 2018
    Pologne, Lettonie

    Revitalization is a set of urban and planning activities, coordinated by local self-government administration, aim of which is a social, architectural, planning and economical advantageous transformation of the specific area of the municipality, being in a state of crisis resulting from economic and social factors. Whereas, the renewal of the countryside is understood as shaping the living conditions of people in rural areas, with the local community as an animator and subject.

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    Documents de politique et mémoires
    décembre, 2012

    In the conditions of the Republic of Belarus there was analysed the experience of state regulation of agricultural lands rotation in foreign countries. There were determined the key aspects of functioning of developed market of agricultural lands, which should be accounted and controlled by organs of state authority. There were systematized multiple forms and methods of state intervention into market rotation of lands. On this basis there was developed the purpose, tasks and methods of regulation of land rotation for the developing market of lands in the Republic of Belarus.

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    Documents de politique et mémoires
    décembre, 2005

    This study summarizes an analysis of uniform, topographical and other site-specific soil fertility testing procedures based on observations of various crops at various locations in North Dakota and one location in Minnesota for 2001 through 2004. Results showed little difference in economic returns among the soil fertility testing methods by crop or location.

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    Documents de politique et mémoires
    décembre, 2012

    In course of the research there were appraised the modern conditions of the land market in the conditions of the Republic of Belarus. The characteristic peculiarities of the land market were given. The experiences of execution of the land reforms were analyzed. The directions of state regulation of the land relationships were revealed. The deficiencies that prevent the dynamic development of the land market were revealed.

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    Documents de politique et mémoires
    décembre, 2016

    This article describes the indicators of the base of cadastral value and their main influencing factors. The base of cadastral value for residential building is summarised and analysed in Latvia municipalities and its territorial units in 2015. The analysis results showed areas with the highest and lowest base of cadastral value for residential building in municipalities of Latvia. Also grouping and analysis of municipalities by the maximum and minimum base of cadastral value for residential building land in rural areas were carried out.

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    From IRIN - Humanitarian news and analysis

    Documents de politique et mémoires
    janvier, 2011

    [From IRIN - Humanitarian news and analysis] JUBA, 12 December 2011 (IRIN) - Land deals done in newly-independent South Sudan “threaten to undermine the land rights of rural communities, increase food insecurity, entrench poverty, and skew development patterns” in the resource-rich but poor nation, a new report says.

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    Documents de politique et mémoires
    juillet, 2019

    Cameroon’s current land law appears to have two conflicting objectives: to attract investors through large-scale land concessions while simultaneously protecting biodiversity, defending local people’s rights and promoting rural development. But the legislation governing large-scale land-based investments is outdated and sometimes incoherent. The land allocation process is investor driven and does not appropriately balance economic, social or environmental considerations.

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    Documents de politique et mémoires
    avril, 2015

    "In 2012, the Government of Myanmar (GoM) passed
    the Farmland Law and the Vacant, Fallow, Virgin
    (VFV) Land Law—creating a formalized land market. In essence, this created a formalized land
    market. Land titling is often considered “the natural end point of land rights formalization” (Hall et al.
    2010: 35). This thinking has become dominant among most governments and development agencies
    ever since De Soto (2000) popularized it in
    The Mystery of Capital
    , in which he argued that the

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    Cover photo
    Documents de politique et mémoires
    août, 2016
    République-Unie de Tanzanie

    This briefing note call attention to the ongoing situation of harassments and arbitrary arrests of human rights defenders in Loliondo in northern Tanzania.It offers an account of the recent events taking place in the area and background information.

    IWGIA believes that these developments are a cause of great concern. The detentions, harassment and trumped up charges undermine civil society and other stakeholders, limiting their options to carry out human rights work in Tanzania.

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