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    juin, 2012
    Amérique latine et Caraïbes

    This study estimates the vulnerability
    of Latin American agriculture to climate change using a
    Ricardian analysis of both land values and net revenues.
    Examining a sample of over 2,500 farms in seven countries,
    the results indicate both land value and net revenue are
    sensitive to climate. Both small farms and large farms have
    a hill-shaped relationship with temperature. Estimating
    separate regressions for dryland and irrigated farms reveals

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    octobre, 2012
    Éthiopie, Afrique, Afrique orientale

    This video was planned, filmed and edited by a group of twelve farmers from three kebeles in Fogera woreda in Amhara region of Ethiopia. Gareth Benest from InsightShare, and Beth Cullen and Aberra Adie from ILRI, facilitated the participatory video training which took place between the 12th and 24th February 2012. The aim of the video was to bring local issues to the attention of planners and implementers of rainwater management interventions in Ethiopia.

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    Rapports et recherches
    janvier, 2013
    Afrique du Sud

    This research report examines the changing role and function of civil society in South Africa pre and post-1994, and its changing relations with the state through successive presidencies. It presents a four quadrant typology of civil society organisations

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    août, 2012

    Only a handful of developing countries
    have fully reformed their energy sector - oil, gas, and
    power. A World Bank Survey of 115 developing countries shows
    that on average, in mid-1998 just 39 percent of key reform
    steps had been carried out. There are large variations among
    countries in the number of reform steps take, with most
    reforms concentrated in a small number of countries. In a
    great majority of countries, little or no reform has been

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    Publication évaluée par des pairs
    avril, 2012
    Iran, Asie occidentale

    Tourism plays an important role on development of economy especially in developing countries. The proposed study of this paper studies the impact of tourism on developing economic factors such as average income, real estate prices, etc. We have distributed 110 questionnaires among different people who are involved in various positions in the regions and analyzed the data. The survey is looking for the impact of tourism industry in terms of economical and social factors for one of the oldest villages in Iran named Maymand.

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    août, 2012

    In India, as in many developing
    countries, land continues to have enormous economic, social,
    and symbolic relevance. How access to land can be obtained,
    and how ownership of land can be documented, are questions
    essential to the livelihoods of the large majority of the
    poor, especially in rural and tribal areas. Answers to these
    questions will determine to what extent India's
    increasingly scarce natural resources are managed. Moreover,

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    mai, 2012

    This paper develops a Structural
    Ricardian model to measure climate change impacts that
    explicitly models the choice of farm type in African
    agriculture. This two stage model first estimates the type
    of farm chosen and then the conditional incomes of each farm
    type after removing selection biases. The results indicate
    that increases in temperature encourage farmers to adopt
    mixed farming and avoid specialized farms such as crop-only

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