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    janvier, 2008
    Soudan, Afrique sub-saharienne

    Oil is a principal factor in Sudanese politics. However, rather than contributing to an environment of peace and equitable development, it remains a source of strife and division.This dossier provides an overview of Sudan’s oil industry and serves as a background document about the country’s contentious oil issues. The tables with data in the first two chapters help the reader to get a picture of Sudan’s oil industry.

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    janvier, 2003
    Indonésie, Asie orientale, Océanie

    Overproduction of coffee and low coffee prices have resulted in a global crisis affecting the people and biodiversity of many tropical countries. The authors, from the Wildlife Conservation Society in Indonesia, describe expanding production of low-quality robusta coffee, which contributes to low prices and lowland deforestation, but is not improving the livelihood of local farmers.

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    janvier, 2013
    Afrique du Sud

    The Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Amendment Bill of 2013 (MPRD-AB) has generated fresh debate regarding the appropriate system for allocating mineral prospecting and mining rights in South Africa. The draft bill no longer specifies that mining rights are to be allocated according to the first-in, first-assessed (FIFA) principle.

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    janvier, 1999
    Kenya, Afrique sub-saharienne

    This review explores environmental change in northern and south-central Kenya, roughly covering three decades from the 1960s to the 1990s. The report answers three questions:has vegetation change occurred in these districts?if vegetation change has occurred, why and how has this happened?what are the trends for livestock populations?The article concludes that:rangeland sites have been fundamentally altered by woody encroachment over the past 40 years.

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    janvier, 2007
    Afrique sub-saharienne


    This thesis, is based on the follwing legs of argument, as follows:

    The pastoral human population is growing at about 2.5% per year

    A certain minimum number of livestock are needed to support these humans as pastoralists, even at very low levels of welfare.

    The maximum total pastoral herd size is limited by the amount of livestock feed available. Where numbers temporarily exceed this limit they soon die back.

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    janvier, 2002

    The key messages of this presentation are:

    Increasing competition for water severely limits irrigation and constrains food production

    Slow progress in extending access to safe drinking water; water quality will decline; amount of water for environmental uses will be inadequate

    Moderate worsening in current water policies and investments could lead to full-blown water crisis

    Fundamental changes in water management and policy can produce a sustainable future for water and food

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    janvier, 2014

    This publication examines people, politics and the environment and their relation to drinking water supplies in rural areas. Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) has become a well-established developmental sector into which domestic water naturally falls. However, efforts to improve rural water supply services may benefit from more inter-disciplinary collaboration.

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