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    mai, 1985

    Rules made by the Land Surveyors' Board under section 15 of the Land Surveyors' Act. Rule 3 prescribes the conditions for the issue of a licence to practise as land surveyor in Barbados: A person shall have completed apprenticeship with a land surveyor and the Lands and Surveys Department and shall have passed the final examination of the Board. Exceptions may be made persons as specified in paragraph [2] of rule 3. This category includes land surveyors from other Commonwealth Carribean countries and those who possess qualifications as set out in part I of the Second Schedule.

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    janvier, 1985

    This Decree prescribes the procedures required for selling or leasing municipal or communal land property, to agricultural cooperatives: either lease or sale of land property to agricultural cooperatives is allowed directly from the competent authorities (Municipalities), without any auction procedures; these land properties shall be used by the cooperatives exclusively for the purposes for which they have been leased.

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    juin, 1985

    This Law is enacted with a view to protecting, developing and making rational use of grasslands, improving the ecological environment, maintaining the diversity of living things, modernizing animal husbandry and promoting the sustainable development of the economy and society.The grasslands are owned by the State, with the exception of the grasslands owned by collectives as provided for by law. The State-owned grasslands may be assigned for use to the units under the ownership by the whole people and to collective economic organizations.

  4. Library Resource
    février, 1985

    This Act provides rules relative to the carrying out of land survey and creates the Land Surveyors Board. The Board shall maintain a register of surveyors, determine the qualifications and experience of surveyors and hear and determine disciplinary proceedings against surveyors in accordance with the provisions of this Act.

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