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    Sao Tomé-et-Principe, Afrique, Afrique centrale

    This Decision establishes the cases in which the contractual rescinding procedure for agricultural land concession will be started by the State. It consists of 6 articles specifying these cases and conditions to be satisfied for obtaining the contract renewing.

    Implements: Decree-Law No. 51/91 regulating the distribution of State agricultural lands. (1991-10-03)

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    Programa Nacional de Florestas.

    Politiques nationales
    Brésil, Amériques, Amérique du Sud

    The National Programme on Forests 2004-2007 (PNF) aims to promote the balanced and sustainable use and conservation of Brazilian forests. This will be done through the articulation of public policies related to issues such as: land tenure, credit and financing, environmental legislation, research and technology, training and capacity building, etc. This interministerial programme provides incentive instruments to good use of natural resources and will broaden experiences that prove to be perfectly possible and necessary to grow with respect to the natural balance.

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    Cap-Vert, Afrique, Afrique occidentale

    In compliance with article 25 of Decree-Law No. 74/77, the Ministry of Rural Development establishes that when, in spite of a decision by the competent authorities (CCRA), the landowner refuses to convert sub-leasing and sharecropping contracts into leasing contracts, the authorization for such a conversion shall be granted by the president of the above-mentioned authorities.

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    Rectificação 27/06/2014.

    Cap-Vert, Afrique, Afrique occidentale

    This Rectification of Law No. 60/VIII/2014, having been published incorrectly on the Official Bulletin, establishes the legal framework for operations urban development, including the subdivision of lands, urbanization and utilization and conservation of buildings, rectified the parts that matters transfers of charges to the municipal area.

    Amends: Law No. 60/VIII/2014 establishing the legal regime for urban land planning. (2014-04-23)

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    Mozambique, Afrique orientale, Afrique

    This Ministerial Decision establishes the fees to be paid for land use. It consists of 3 articles dealing with the fee percentage to be given to the Municipality and to the Ministry of Agriculture in order to authorize land exploitation.

    Implements: Decree No. 66/98 on Land Law Regulations. (1998-12-08)
    Repeals: Decree No. 16/87 approving the Regulation of Land Act. (1987-07-15)

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    Mozambique, Afrique orientale, Afrique

    This Ministerial Decision regulates the Technical Annex of Land Act No. 19/97 in order to exploit and manage public lands. The technical annex consists of 4 chapters and modul forms establishing the delimitation of involved areas for land use planning purposes, specifying different land uses, listing obligations and rights of foreign or national entities, fees to be paid in order to obtain a licence for land exploitation, etc.

    Implements: Decree No. 66/98 on Land Law Regulations. (1998-12-08)
    Repeals: Decree No. 16/87 approving the Regulation of Land Act. (1987-07-15)

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    Decreto Lei n. 5/2015 de 22 de Janeiro.

    Timor-Leste, Asie, Asia du sud-est

    This Decree-Law, consisting of six Chapters, approves the Statute of the Special Administrative Region of Oe-Cusse Ambeno. Law No. 3/2014, of June 18, established the Special Administrative Region of Oe-Cussi Ambeno and the Special Economic Zone of Social Economy of Oecussi Ambeno and Atauro, setting the foundations that govern them, in accordance with the provisions the Constitution of the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste. The Decree-Law is divided as follows: Nature and Principles (Chap. I); Duties, Powers and Autonomy (Chap.

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    Decreto-lei n. 52/2015 de 24 de Setembro.

    Cap-Vert, Afrique, Afrique occidentale

    This Decree-Law amends and re-publishes Decree-Law No. 37/2014 of 22 July, approving the special legal regime for the implementation of land registers in the islands of Sal, Boa Vista, São Vicente and Maio.

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