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Bibliothèque Metadata on SDG Indicator 11.1.1

Metadata on SDG Indicator 11.1.1

Metadata on SDG Indicator 11.1.1

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Février 2018
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The housing sector including its institutions, laws and regulations, touches every single aspect of the economy of a country and has interface with practically every social development sector. People living in adequate homes have better health, higher chances to improve their human capital and seize the opportunities available in urban contexts. At the same time, a housing sector that performs well acts as a ‘development multiplier’ benefiting complementary industries, contributing to economic development, employment generation, service provision and overall poverty reduction. Broadly, for every job in the house-building sector,an additional 1.5 to 2 jobs are generally created in the
construction materials and other input industries. Thecontributions of housing to urban prosperity are also evident. The UN-Habitat City Prosperity Initiative reveals
that inadequate housing has negative effects on several other dimensions of urban prosperity. Urban contexts with housing conditions below average experience poorer equity and inclusion, reduced urban safety and livelihood opportunities, and have neglected connectivity and provision of public space.Inadequate housing thus remains very much a global urban sustainability challenge but also a development opportunity. At the same time, the thematic area of ‘adequate housing’ and especially the term ‘slums’ -are often highly politicized. More nuanced definitions of these terms would enable and support a more
robust and measured debate, greater engagement by all key stakeholders and the development of specific recommendations for application within different contexts and places. There are a number of interrelated terms that must be
grappled with when considering an indicator for the SDG Target 11.1. They include housing affordability, inadequate housing, informal settlements and slums.

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