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This note is part of a series of three policy notes prepared by the World Bank to advise the new Moldovan Government and inform World Bank decision-makers on agricultural policies for economic growth and poverty reduction in key areas: 1) Public Expenditures; 2) Markets and 3) Land. The objective of this policy note on land is to assist the Government of Moldova in improving the effectiveness of land management in agriculture, with a view to enhancing the sector's contribution to Moldova's economic growth and poverty reduction objectives. The note reviews the progress that has been made to date on land reform in Moldova, and provides rigorous economic analysis of the impacts of the reforms and the state of land markets today. It also makes recommendations on options for improving the functioning of land markets. This note is organized as follows. In Chapter 1 the authors explore in detail the progress of land reform, including changes in land ownership and land use since 1990; they then describe the results of farm reorganization efforts, including some comparisons with farm structure in market economies (as represented by the EU-15). In Chapter 2 the authors examine the impacts of land reform on economic indicators such as productivity for different farm types. In Chapter 3 they analyze the development of land markets to date based on new information gathered for this work from the Cadastre Agency, a survey of farms carried out for this study, and other sources. In Chapter 4 the study provides recommendations based on international best practice for increasing the efficiency of land use by improving the functioning of land markets, including practical advice for implementing pilot land re-parceling projects.

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