Cooperation Of Actors In Maintenance Of Urban Green Systems In Dar Es Salaam City: The Case Of Mbweni, Kijichi And Buyuni | Land Portal

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janvier 2022
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Copyright (c) 2022 African Journal on Land Policy and Geospatial Sciences

Green systems play a significant role in the resilience of cities. However, the rate of disappearance is increasing in the global south and affects the resilience of cities. But their disappearance has been associated with inadequate cooperation of actors. Goal and Objectives:This paper aims to examine the capacity of actors to cooperate and how they influence the maintenance of urban green systems in Dar es Salaam City. Methodology:Dar es Salaam City was used as a case study. Data were collected from key informant interviews, literature reviews, Focus Group Discussions and meetings with local leaders. A total of 92 respondents were selected from households neighboring green systems. Both content analysis and SPSS were used to analyze data.Results:The results indicated that urban green systems are characterized by various actors with similar and overlapping roles, affecting the coordination of actions in maintaining green systems. The study also found that resource mobilization, distribution, and channelization were limited and affected actors' cooperation. In addition, the urban green systems are not adequately integrated into urban forums because of different objectives, which exacerbated their encroachment. The study concludes that actors' cooperation has been influenced by inadequate coordination of actions and limited resource mobilization. The study recommends synergy among actors and promotes wards and community actors in monitoring the maintenance of urban green systems.   

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Helene Stephene Francis, Makarius Victor Mdemu, Ally Hassan Namangaya

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