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janvier 2023
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Context and Background:Changes in the way powers are structured in Morocco have had an impact on the dynamics linking territorial stakeholders and on territorial development. Indeed, following the innovations of the 2011 Constitution and the process of advanced regionalization, territorial stakeholders have been given new prerogatives and responsibilities, with the aim of reframing the scope of public policy, which is now intended to be more territorialized and therefore more democratic.Goal and Objectives:Analyze developments in territorial public action in the light of interactions between territorial stakeholders with a view of identifying the dynamics and challenges of the territorial construction process.Methodology:This is an attempt to qualitative analysis of political-institutional developments based on a cross-study combining analysis of doctrinal foundations and appreciation of official documentsResults:Many stakeholders are involved in this regional reconstruction, which is bound to change the way public policies are conceived. Whether it's a simple change of scale or a shift in an entire political paradigm, this adjustment could have effects on both the design of public policy and the functions of the stakeholder.

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Zineb Sitri, Najoua Maarouf, Naima Sabir

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