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The Land Administration Project's outcome is rated as satisfactory, sustainability as likely, institutional development impact as modest, Bank performance as satisfactory, and borrower performance as satisfactory. The key lessons learned include: 1) Land administration, particularly in societies with large indigenous populations, is complex. 2) Project studies by themselves do not guarantee progress on policy and institutional reforms and more direct linkage to the project activities is required up front. 3) Modernization of land administration is fundamental to a rapidly evolving modern economy. 4) Land legislation should be complete so that rights, obligations, redress, and processes, are transparent. 5) Grievance resolutions procedures must be established to settle land disputes according to the rule of law. 6) Land administration is a local government function by its nature since land records register how land is held and these records are used locally. 7) Centralization land administration programs become difficult to manage if they relegate some functions to the central teams and some to the local office. 8) formation of inter-ministerial "coordination committees" to resolve complex cross-sectoral issues is unlikely to be successful in the absence of real incentives to participate. Monitoring indicators have to be chosen carefully.

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