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This Resettlement and Compensation Framework for the Philippines Support for Strategic Local Development and Investment Project serves as a guideline for preparing Resettlement Plans and other related documents required to mitigate any adverse social and economic impacts arising from land and other assets. This report outlines national and Bank principles and policies, and the legal framework affecting anticipated resettlement and/or asset acquisition, as well as participation measures and grievance mechanisms. Entitlements and compensation for loss are captured in a table detailing the type of land compensated, a description of the legal status of affected individuals, and the form that compensation takes. Generally it provides - depending on the state of the land -- that compensation for land will be at replacement cost as set by an independent appraiser using international standards OR land for land, that is, a new parcel of land with equivalent productivity, located in an area acceptable to the affected person and with long-term security; cash compensation for perennials of commercial value; displaced persons will be given time to harvest crops; financial assistance to make up for land preparation; subsistence allowance; transportation assistance if the person is relocated; rehabilitation assistance such as skills training and a subsidy to encourage shift to a new income activity; and compensation for loss of standing crops, soil restoration, and damaged structures. Cash compensation will also be given to owners for main structures like houses and shops. Renters, including renters of shanty dwellings, will be given a transitional allowance, rehabilitation assistance, and free transportation, if needed. In addition, compensation will be given to cover the cost of restoring electric and water connections, and cash at replacement cost will be given to respective agencies for loss or damage to public infrastructure.

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