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janvier 2005
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p. 117-128

In this study, DSS was developed using linear programming (LP), goal programming (GP), and geographic information system (GIS) for sustainable watershed management in Dong Nai watershed, Vietnam. A case study approach was undertaken using `what-if` planning scenarios. The multi-objective linear programming (MOLP) techniques and GIS have been applied to display the optimum land resource allocation in different scenario, in order to evaluate the sustainable strategy of land development in a watershed. The information incorporated into the optimization objectives include economic benefits characterized by net income, sediment yield, and water discharge. The constraint set thereby consists of the limitations of carrying capacity of various land-use programs and assimilative capacity corresponding to different impacts on water quantity and sediment yield. Type of spatial planning problems described in this paper allocates different land uses across a geographical region, subject to a variety of constraints and conflicting management objectives. This complex land use planning decisions were made not only on what to do (selection of activities) but also on where to do it (i.e., relocate a new set of suitable land use for different scenarios), adding a whole extra class of decision variables to the problem. New location of suitable land use has been manipulated using the given criteria in terms of slope, soil depth, and rainfall. The algorithm was developed in ArcView GIS software to relocate land use map in Dong Nai watershed. The developed DSS performed well in Dong Nai watershed (589, 078 ha), and applicable to any watershed in Vietnam.

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Loi, N.K.
Tangtham, N.


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