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Advocacy Toolbox

Advocacy Toolbox

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Janvier 2010

This toolbox is based on materials developed for the International Land Coalition's project in Eastern and Southern Africa entitled "Securing Women's Access to Land: Linking Research and Action". The core of this project was action-oriented research carried out by partners in seven countries with a view to using research results in advocacy. The capacity-building activities to support partners included advocacy workshops on which this toolbox is based.

This toolbox is split into two sections: one on advocacy planning, and one on tools. Chapters include: (i) Understanding Advocacy; (ii) Identifying the Advocacy Issue; (iii) Analysing the Problem within its Context; (iv) Developing an Advocacy Strategy and (i) Communication Strategy; (ii) Lobbying; (iii) Policy Submissions; (iv) Constituency Building.

In an attempt to facilitate advocacy for small organisations with limited funds, using this toolbox does not require financial resources, but rather, focuses on sensitising the media and lobbying. As such, it can be a useful and effective resource for actvists committed to social change.

You can download the toolbox individually as a whole or in separate documents. The Toolbox is available in English, French and Spanish. We hope that you find this toolbox useful and encourage you to give us your feedback and suggestions on how to improve it - including on which tools are most useful and which ones could be added to this toolbox in future.

Download the full Advocacy Toolbox* (EnglishFrench, Spanish) - Low resolution

To download different sections or the high resolution version of the Advocacy Toolbox, please visit the International Land Coalition's website.


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