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février 1985
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The objective of this Law, which includes 30 articles and 5 provisional articles, is to establish and define the tasks of the General Directorate of Land Reform under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. Main tasks of the Department are: 1. Research and survey activities to determine the priorities of implementation and propose the areas where land reform shall be implemented by the Ministry of Agriculture. 2. Distribute or lease Government lands to landless farmers and equip, support, train and organize these farmers. 3. Integrate small lands that are not suitable for farming, and prevent land fragmentation. 4. Ensure technological and economic use of land and water resources. 5. Ensure more productive cultivation. 6. Create new settlement areas and enlarge existing settlement areas. 7. Ensure that lands are used for agriculture, and when necessary allocate lands for non-agricultural use. 8. Accomplish other tasks that could be given by other laws and by the Government. The Law provides the organizational chart of the department and duties and responsibilities of principle officials.

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