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juin 1985
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This Law is enacted with a view to improving the protection, management and development of grasslands and to ensure their rational use; to protect and improve the ecological environment, to modernise animal husbandry; and to enhance the prosperity of the local economies of the national autonomous areas. This Law shall be applicable to all grasslands within the territory of China, including hills and lands covered with grass. The department of farming and animal husbandry under the State Council shall be in charge of national administration of grasslands. The departments of farming and animal husbandry of the local people's governments at the county level and above shall be in charge of administration of grasslands in their respective administrative areas. Grasslands under ownership by "the whole people" may be assigned to collectives for long-term use. These grasslands, those under collective ownership, and those under ownership by the whole people that are assigned to collectives for long-term use, may be contracted by collectives or individuals for purposes of animal husbandry. The local people's governments at various levels shall be responsible for conducting general surveys of grassland resources within their respective administrative areas and formulating plans for the development of animal husbandry. Strict measures shall be adopted to protect grassland from pollution, soil erosion and land reclamation. Local authorities shall take measures to combat grassland pests and mice that damage grasslands and protect beneficial animals and birds that feed on pests and mice. They shall take measures to prevent and treat endemic diseases among livestock and diseases. Hunters of wild animals on the grasslands shall be required to observe strictly the regulations of the local people's governments concerning the prevention of epidemic diseases.

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