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mai 1985
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Rules made by the Land Surveyors' Board under section 15 of the Land Surveyors' Act. Rule 3 prescribes the conditions for the issue of a licence to practise as land surveyor in Barbados: A person shall have completed apprenticeship with a land surveyor and the Lands and Surveys Department and shall have passed the final examination of the Board. Exceptions may be made persons as specified in paragraph [2] of rule 3. This category includes land surveyors from other Commonwealth Carribean countries and those who possess qualifications as set out in part I of the Second Schedule. The Board shall keep a register of persons issued with a licence. (rule 19) Rule 20 defines professional misconduct which may be punished with a suspension of the licence for a maximum of three years. The text consists of 21 rules and 4 schedules: articles of indenture - qualifications under rule 3[2] and rule 10 - examination - examination fees.

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