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Bibliothèque Valuing Land Tenure Rights

Valuing Land Tenure Rights

Valuing Land Tenure Rights

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Mars 2019
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The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) has developed a series of Technical Guides to elaborate and provide more detailed guidance on thematic areas contained within the Guidelines. As part of this series, this Technical Guide covers the issues associated with the identification and valuation of tenure rights for different purposes, and provides guidance on how to ensure that valuations are undertaken in a fair, reliable and transparent manner that comply with internati onal norms. It explains why valuations are important, where and when they should be used, and by whom. It is not intended to be a valuation textbook;, instead it seeks to raise the level of awareness of valuation issues and procedures among those involved in land policy and administration and those affected by land tenure decisions. Though this Technical Guide focuses on land, it provides useful guidance that may be applied to fisheries, forests and other natural resources. It is directed prim arily towards developing countries and countries in transition where there is less awareness of the valuation profession and institutions. Legitimate tenure rights involving customary or informal tenure systems may be less clear and not formalized by law or regulations.

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