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Bibliothèque Forestry Reporting Requests by FAO

Forestry Reporting Requests by FAO

Forestry Reporting Requests by FAO

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Mars 2019
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Given its wide scope on the work on forests, FAO requests information from its member countries in many different ways, using various reporting formats and questionnaires. The collected information is used to produce several outputs such as databases, overviews, reports, case-studies and other analyses. Below the flow of information from countries to FAO is sorted in two main categories: 1. Regular reporting requests and 2. Other reporting requests. The regular reporting requests contain information regularly reported by countries to FAO. This means that the “reporting of information” is part of an official agreement between FAO and the member countries; it has a regular frequency and involves all FAO members. Other reporting requests do not show the same characteristics as the official requests; they may concern other issues reported for technical reports or analyses which are unofficial and/or not regularly collected.

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