Peculiarities and prospects of solving land degradation problem in Ukraine | Land Portal

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décembre 2016
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In Ukraine, degradation of land resources is a complex ecological problem, preventing sustainable development of land employment. Land protection from degradation requires development of measures in the process of land management at regional and local levels. Efficiency of the measures depends considerably on reliable information about quantitative and qualitative conditions of lands, due to the fact that it forces timeliness of the research. The aim of the research is to study problems of land degradation in terms of land management while developing measures of land resource protection. To reach this aim, the following tasks were set out: to analyse the drawbacks of informational support in terms of land management fulfilment at the current stage of land relations development; to describe prospective ways to implement the measures on land protection from degradation in Ukraine. Methodological basis of the research is includes the method of system analysis (performed while studying the process of land resource degradation) and cartographic method (employed while detecting the spread of degradation processes and its drawbacks in land employment). The research has determined that soil maps and plans of employment of lands do not provide reliable information about quantitative and quantitative conditions of land resources. The existing organisation of land use, first arable one, does not always correspond to soil-conserving requirements. It is proposed: to update plan-cartographic material based on space images and data of agrochemical classification of agricultural lands; to establish efficient organisational and economic mechanisms to implement ecological policy in the field of land management.

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Stoiko, N., Lviv National Agrarian Univ. (Ukraine)
Tkachuk, L., Lviv National Agrarian Univ. (Ukraine)

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