A study on the influence of turning to pen-grown sheep under the policy of returning farmland to forest and grassland | Land Portal

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mars 2015
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The purpose of this study is to discover the changes of household employment structure and of business range for those graziers who have to turn to rear sheep in pens as the background of the policy of returning farmland into forest and grassland. The results of this study are as follows: First, after turning to rear sheep in pens, though the graziers have saved time for other work, the time for feeding has increased to the whole year. In addition, the policy that encourages the rearing of sheep in pens has brought about a growing number of sheep graziers. Second, after turning to rear sheep in pens, the business range has been expanded for graziers, who now not only breed livestock, but also fatten sheep. Third, the policy of returning farmland into forest and grassland has decreased the cultivated area of farmland. Considering their own benefits, the graziers have reduced the cultivated areas for home consumption, and tried to guarantee the cultivated areas for silage corn.

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Yu, R., Tokyo University of Agriculture (Japan). Graduate School of Agriculture

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